Software Partners Workplace from Facebook

✓ Familiar features such as chat, video calls and groups
✓ Enables you to stay connected to employees who don't work from a computer 
✓ Easily accessible on phones, tablets and PCs


Connect everyone in your company with Workplace

Workplace connects everyone in your company. The platform is similar to Facebook - but for your business only. Through the well-known Facebook tools such as chat, groups, newsfeed and video calls, everyone in your company can connect and collaborate in one place.

With Workplace your company can keep in touch with all employees, no matter where they are. Downloading the app to your device is easy, and the platform is simple and self-explanatory to use.

Crayon is a global leader in digital transformation services. We know how to optimize and adjust digital platforms to your business and budget. We assist throughout the whole process - from implementation of the platform to connecting it to your existing software. We also look at how we can cut costs and value to the app.

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With our guidance, you can be confident that your platform will be cost-effective and well-optimized.


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