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GDPR Infinity With Crayon

The increased focus on protection of information places ever larger demands on the way we handle personal data. 

Organisations are now required to demonstrate the controls they have in place for the data processed, how they will respond to any security breaches and subject access requests, and how processing agreements are adhered to.

GDPR Infinity is designed to provide Data Processors and Controllers with a range of useful tools to manage data long after the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is enforced. GDPR Infinity:

  • Will provide your business with a Gap Analysis against GDPR to enable solutions and controls to be implemented.
  • Is not just a tool for your Data Protection Officer (DPO). It comes equipped with an Audit Manager to enable monitoring and tracking of compliance activities and actions.
  • Allows the DPO or equivalent to clearly demonstrate how their organisation is managing personal data. It provides management of roles and responsibility and gives access to policy templates and codes of practice.
  • Provides efficiency and saves hundreds of hours by centrally managing the Personal Data Processing Agreement (PDPA) and the complex Annex’s required.
GDPR Infinity How Does It Work?

GDPR Infinity is an essential framework specifically aimed at Data Protection Officers (DPO’S) or their equivalents to fulfil their everyday tasks pertaining to the relevant articles of the GDPR.

GDPR Infinity includes the following modules:

  • GDPR Analysis and Performance Dashboard 
  • Audit Manager
  • DPO Annual Cycle
  • Processing & Agreements Manager
  • Resources (templates and guidance documents)
  • Incident Manager 
  • Subject Access Request (SAR) Manager 

To learn more about these GDPR Infinity modules, download the brochure. Alternatively, for further information on the implementation of Crayon's Infinity, please contact your local Crayon team. 

GDPR Infinity Why Do We Need It?

Lawfulness & Transparency

The usage of personal data must be defined and transparently communicated to the data subject and their consent must be obtained. Organisations need to demonstrate they do this within the law and transparently.

Security & Safeguards

Effective security and safeguards must be put in place and incidents recorded. 

Accountability & Governance 

All organisations that handle personal information are accountable and good governance needs to be demonstrated at all times.

Verification & Assurances

Organisations will need to provide verification and assurances when dealing with areas such as consent, erasure, breaches, privacy by design, impact assessment results.

GDPR Infinity Advantages & Benefits

GDPR Infinity provides many immediate benefits to your business:

  • Delivers a detailed analysis of the current state against the GDPR articles and recitals
  • Provides a centralised repository for core GDPR activities and documentary evidence  
  • Enables quick and accurate response mechanism in case of audit from Controllers/ Processors and Supervisory Authorities
  • Provides visibility when needed to customers, partners and internal personnel on how their personal data is processed
  • Saves hundreds of hours of time by providing example templates, guidance documents and by generating, storing and exporting your records of processing in a tailored self-service portal.
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