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Crayon A Future of Artificial Intelligence and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Do you have a defined AI strategy in your organisation? Do you know which areas are appropriate to introduce AI and machine learning to? How can your business start a process to be ahead of development?

With AI and machine learning, you can streamline manual processes and develop data-based decision support for the experts and free up time by taking over routine tasks. Amazon Web Services has a vast and specialised offering of various services and platforms based on Machine Learning. In order to streamline and optimise your systems, you must be innovative and future-oriented.

Machine learning (ML) uses techniques from fields such as computer science, mathematics, statistics and artificial intelligence (AI). Essentially, it is about designing and developing algorithms that can learn from what they have done before. Based on data, we can train ML algorithms to recognise complex patterns and make intelligent decisions. The opportunity room is large and we see that applied machine learning can contribute to both automation and streamlining of manual processes. Businesses that use this can earn huge profits, along with saving time and costs.

Crayon Group and our subsidiary Inmeta, started working with applied machine learning in 2015, we have completed over 25 commercial solutions and have around 25 consultants in this area. In addition, we actively participate in the professional environment as the primary engine for Oslo Machine Training Meetup, Trondheim Machine Learning Meetup, and as a strong delivery partner within ML Analytics.

Will machine learning affect your future? Most likely!
Today we work with a number of exciting projects for our customers, and are proud to have built up Norway's leading environment in the field of Machine Learning.
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