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Crayon Global Commercial Reseller Partner for Workplace by Facebook

As a Global Commercial Reseller Partner for Workplace by Facebook we truly understand our customers increasing demand for new ways in which to collaborate, share ideas and workstreams across time zones, language barriers and vast distances in real-time.

Many organisations are seeking a solution that works with existing enterprise IT architecture and investments and Workplace by Facebook allows them to do this, either as a standalone solution or, by integrating with other best of breed IT apps. 

Workplace by Facebook notionally provides a native interface that people intuitively understand how to use and it allows enterprises to overcome one of their biggest challenges - technology adoption.

Through our customer focussed approach and deep technical capabilities, we are helping our clients to utilise the highly intuitive UI from Workplace by Facebook, and combine it with the enterprise strength and functionality of their existing technology, through our unique integration solution, TeamWork360.

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