AI Centre of Excellence

We create material customer value through the advanced and creative application of global best practice AI centric applications and Machine Leaning solutions.

Crayons' Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) Practice operate from our European Centre of Excellence and support clients around the world across multiple industry verticals. We enable our customers to leverage the huge competitive advantages available to them through the expert optimisation of 'Big Data' and advanced and creative application of global best practice AI centric applications and Machine Leaning solutions. We embed and operationalise these through appropriate skills transfer to in house customer teams and the optimum deployment of applications and support processes across the client enterprise.

Our wide range of services include business needs consulting, POC and Pilot management, project testing and control, UX and AI application development and deployment management and skills and knowledge transfer consulting and support.

Managing the Expectation Gap

There are many organisations that promise an AI driven intelligent future but fall short on delivery. In our experience one of the biggest reasons for this is what we refer to as "The Expectation Gap" or the heightened level and belief amongst C-Level leaders on what AI can deliver for the enterprise. Not that ambition is the problem but gaining clarity from the vastness of data generated from the modern enterprise from nascent technology that in many instances is still evolving fast is more complex than many non-technical business leaders may appreciate and that can cause tensions within the enterprise.

That's why Crayon's Why, What and How approach guarantee to not just deliver AI driven value but to do so within a clear contact of what that value should be, how that benchmarks to a best practice within a specific industry and what needs to be done to leverage it. Plus our deep technical and training skills take seriously the need to ensure that there is an appropriate handover to client side teams who have the relevant expertise to manage AI implementations and deployments.

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Deep AI & Machine Learning capability across all sector disciplines

  • Proficiency and experience from all ML models and solutions; computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning and neural networks
  • Knowledge of all major technology vendor platforms and solutions within AI/ML including being an AWS Machine Learning Competency Partner and a global Partner for Microsoft in AI & Machine Learning

Highly competent team of expert AI data scientists, engineers and AI developers

  • 15 PhDs, 25 data scientists, 10 data engineers and a large pool of AI developers


To find out more about the clients we have helped with their AI and ML ambitions and to read aboout the value we have delivered for them please go to the customer stories links or contact our AI Practice Team today.