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Cloud Content Management (CCM) encapsulates how data is captured, managed, stored, preserved, and delivered to employees, business stakeholders, and customers.

It is essential that a company with a large volume of content has a defined content management plan to remain in line with compliance mandates and regulations and increase operational efficiencies.

Crayon builds integrations between cloud content layer of choice (Box, Amazon Web Services (AWS), OneDrive, and Azure) and boundary systems for a unified solution. Content migrations include observations and application of metadata from source to cloud. Crayon uses machine learning to extract data learnings from media and text while continually embracing solutions with the highest industry standards for security and compliance. 

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Cloud Content Management What is your CCM Strategy?

Do you have a legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in your environment that you are looking at replacing and modernizing? 

Can you consume content on a single platform across all enterprise application from any device, anywhere, at any time? 

Do you need to share content externally to customers or partners in a secure way? 

Are you trying to gain business value from unstructured data (images, video, audio, and documents)?

Case Study Large Ride-Sharing Platform



Challenge: A large ride sharing company is growing globally at a tremendous rate. The company needed a way to share documents internally in a compliant ways with compliant repositories.

Solution: Crayon is first creating a scalable and universal folder structure in Box where all content can be stored. The new folder structure will make content easier to find, prevent data loss, and maintain compliance. To accommodate mapping from existing source to Box, Crayon created a mapping tool to move content and add appropriate metadata. Additionally, Crayon will create a global content management solution through which the company can share content across the globe in an intuitive, secure web portal and eliminate security risk of email attachments and file shares. 

Case Study Life Sciences Organization




Challenge: A life science regulatory affairs and operations company needed a better way to deliver clear visibility and control over content to their customers.

Solution: Crayon created a customer content management system. The web based solution is providing increased operational efficiency, lower costs, compliance assurance, and a more intuitive user experience, adding efficiency and differentiation to company offerings. The solution includes user management, metadata add upon upload, dynamic search, custom reporting, and image classification.

Case Study Hollywood Movie Company



Challenge: One of the largest entertainment and media companies globally uses significant freelancers to create major motion pictures and television shows.

Solution: Crayon provides the customer’s production technology team with the ability to onboard and offboard users for Feature and TV collaboration with automation of business processes and integration with a user directory master. A custom user interface will be designed to allow the production technology administrator to be able to add and remove users, and assign roles and permissions to a Feature or TV show at will. The system automates the process of generating groups, assigning users, and defining departments. Additionally, Crayon created a global content management solution through which the customer can automate workflow and user experience in an intuitive, secure web portal.