Bli Channel Partner Veeam Cloud Provider Program (VCP)
VEEAM Cloud Provider Program

A Veeam Cloud Provider is a type of Veeam partner that functions in a service provider model. This can exist in a number of ways for a number of different service models.

For example, a hosting provider or Telco using Veeam to protect hosted VMs, an Application Service Provider leveraging Veeam to protect customer data, or a Cloud Service Provider offering Veeam-powered backup and disaster recovery services, and more.

In fact, there are scores of ways Veeam products can be used to protect applications and data.

The VCP Program is designed to offer software that maximizes your virtual environment

  • Special licensing and EULA just for Service Providers
  • Lower data protection costs
  • Lower virtualization costs

Deliver competitive advantage

  • Overcome customer "cloud" concerns
  • Offer tiered recovery services Offer tiered recovery services
  • Build customer-to-cloud recovery solutions

Crayon is an accredited Gold Pro Veeam Partner. For more information regarding the Veeam VCP program contact your local Crayon expert today.