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Government and Public Sector Licensing

CRAYON Specialists Within the Public Sector

Crayon has extensive experience assisting clients in state and local government and across all other segments of the public sector.

Crayon has dedicated state and government account teams to help you reduce your total cost of ownership while maximizing ROI, optimizing your entire software investment, and maintaining continuous compliance. 

 Crayon can assist state and local government by analyzing current technology environments to identify areas of cost reduction, cost avoidance, compliance concerns and proper bundling of products to generate the maximum ROI for your software investments. We are also knowledgeable on a wide range of government agreements that can help organizations minimize the cost of technology procurement. Our software experts provide relevant advice and guidance about your current and future technology landscape to ensure our government and public sector clients optimize the procurement and management of their software estate.

The end result is control of your IT assets, reduced costs and mitigation of the risks of non-compliance.

 Whether you are looking for a public sector Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), Microsoft ELA (MELA) or other software licensing, Crayon can help. No matter where you are in your digital transformation or which public sector entity you are affiliated with we welcome the opportunity to respond to your consulting and procurement needs. 

Crayon Microsoft for CSP Azure Government

With Crayon and Azure Government you will be provided with the broadest compliance possible, offering the most certifications of any cloud provider relative to critical government compliance requirements.

You'll also get hybrid flexibility to control the timing of your digital transformation with the ability to choose from 6 government-only data center regions with Department of Defense Impact Level 5 Provisional Authorization (PA), including two dedicated regions for US DoD workloads.

This unique variation is managed by authorized US citizens and is exclusively available to US federal, state, local, and tribal governments as well as their partners.

Read more about Crayon's authroization for Microsoft CSP for Azure Government here