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Cloud Solution Foundations

AzureEasy Cloud Solution Foundations

Moving your business to Azure can help make your business more flexible, agile and cost-effective, but it may at first seem a little overwhelming. But it need not be.

Through our experience of assisting with hundreds of cloud migration projects, we have developed our Cloud Solution Foundation services.

This blueprint solution has been tried, tested and proven to help you take the first steps on your cloud-migration by isolating various workloads, moving them off-premises and setting them up to function in the cloud – without affecting any other business functions.

Cloud Solution Foundations Small Business Starter Solution

This combines a number our Microsoft Azure services to enable rapid deployment of the applications and services that matter to your business. This is the perfect choice for businesses that want a quick and integrated route to the cloud.

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Cloud Solution Foundations Identity

One of the most important aspects of a Microsoft Azure migration is making sure your business is safe from cyber-threats. It’s imperative that the only people who can access your data is the people you want to access it.

We give you complete control over who can and can’t access your infrastructure by helping you register with Azure Active Dictionary, Microsoft’s comprehensive identity and access management application.

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Cloud Solution Foundations Connectivity

When migrating to Microsoft Azure it’s important you’re easily able to access your cloud services in a safe and secure manner. With our networking solution, we’ll help you connect your new Azure services with your existing IT infrastructure using secure gateways that guarantee 99.95% uptime.

And with Microsoft ExpressRoute you’ll experience a faster, private connection to Azure, offering significant cost benefits when you need to transfer large amounts of data.

As well as scenarios like periodic data migration, replication for business continuity, disaster recovery and other high-availability strategies, it offers a cost-effective option for transferring large amounts of data.

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Cloud Solution Foundations Storage, Back up & Disaster Recovery

As data becomes increasingly important, it’s essential that flexible data solutions are put in place.

We can set you up quickly with a data-warehouse that scales on-demand, doesn’t cost a penny when it isn’t being used and can handle data of all types, securely and safely.

We can also help protect your business from outages with back-up and disaster recovery that means you can keep on serving your customers, even in the event of a natural or human disaster.

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Cloud Solution Foundations Monitoring

When you move applications off your own datacenter there may be worries over the ability to check on performance and availability. After all, performance issues can have a significant effect on the performance IT and therefore productivity.

With our Monitoring service, we’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge that you need to keep a close eye on how every aspect of your business is functioning in the cloud.

And Microsoft also have a wide range of software solutions to help you identify and fix performance issues including Operations Management Suite, Log Analytics and AzurePortal, for added peace of mind.

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