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5 Reasons To Migrate Your Workload To AWS

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Migrating your workload over to the cloud is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Choosing an incompatible cloud provider or rushing to move your infrastructure can cost your company a good chunk of change. 

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, was the first to market a modern cloud infrastructure and has helped successfully migrate thousands of companies while reducing IT costs and saving them money. If you are looking to switch over to the cloud while growing your business, here are 5 reasons AWS should be your top choice.


5 Reasons To Migrate Your Workload To AWS



AWS Offers:

1. Increased Value in 4 Distinct Areas

  • Operational Resilience 
  • Staff Productivity
  • Business Agility
  • Cost-Savings


2. Years of Experience Delivering Cloud Solutions

AWS has the most experience helping thousands of organizations, like GE, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Twenty-First Century Fox, migrate their workloads to the cloud.


3. Real-time Customer Insights and Business Intelligence

Aggregate, process, and store data to help you deliver real-time, actionable insights that will accelerate decision-making and create value for your customers.


4. Flexible Pricing Models

AWS has Savings Plan, a pricing model that has helped many companies save up to 72% on AWS compute usage.


5. Ability to Automate Day-To-Day Operations

Access real-time information to help monitor business processes and simplify your operational practices by automating repetitive steps.


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