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How mature is your Software Asset Management strategy?

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Is your company able to answer the following questions?

• Do you know where the volume licensing contracts are?
• Do you know who your top 10 publishers are?
• Could you easily produce the current entitlements for the top 10 publishers?
• Could you easily produce the license positions for the top 10 publishers?

If you answered "no" or "I'm not sure" to the above questions, you are lacking visibility into critical information that can ensure your risk is lowered, your contracts are optimized and your software estate is right-sized and compliant.

When we talk about Software Asset Management, it really comes down to two things: Buy what you need and use what you buy. Sounds easy, right? Then what makes this so hard? Contract changes, product migrations, license model changes, publishers buying publishers and changing terms and conditions around products and on and on. It's like trying to hit a constantly moving target.

So how can Crayon help? We offer a full range of services around determining license position, audit support, contract optimization and negotiation and managed services. Our Software and Cloud Analytics Consultants have decades of experience in assisting customers with all issues related to Software Asset Management. However, sometimes the issue for a customer is not knowing where to start.

Crayon offers a SAM Maturity assessment where we help customers walk through the maze of Software Asset Management – everything from the people, processes and tools. The SAM Maturity assessment can be tailored to specific areas or it can be an all-encompassing discussion of the overall Software Asset Management strategy, where we map out the current state and then create the future state including recommendations. The deliverables of the assessment are a solid plan for addressing the pain points uncovered and a strategy for reaching the business goals around Software Asset Management.

The SAM Maturity assessments can be from 2 hours to a full day, depending on the scope. The SAM Maturity assessment can be completed remotely or onsite. Crayon is currently offering some great incentives around SAM Maturity assessments and our Software and Cloud Analytics service offerings. Contact your Crayon rep today for more information!

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