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Business Continuity During Challenging Times

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To All Crayon Customers, 

As we all deal with unprecedented change, Crayon is committed to the safety of our family, which includes our customers and partners. Crayon US has implemented business continuity plans enabling Crayon employees to work safely from home and we are operationally leveraging Microsoft Teams as a platform to help us collaborate and communicate without disruption and with a connected feel. 

Crayon is committed to helping any customer or organization deal with the shift to a remote workforce.  If you need assistance or guidance on how to adopt Microsoft Teams as a collaboration platform for video conferencing, calling, and document sharing, we are available to map out how best to quickly implement these solutions. Additionally, we can provide learning tools to help your employees adapt to the new technology and become highly effective in working remotely via Microsoft Teams. 

Microsoft Teams is available for free to any organization for 6 months. In addition, Crayon is providing our online learning and adoption platform, Empower-iQ, for free for 3 months to help with the use of Teams. 

The entire Crayon team is here to help you stabilize your business, stay on top of critical milestones, and help you get through these challenging times. We are committed to your success. Please reach out to me or your Crayon representative at any time. 

Glenn Orcutt 
CEO, Crayon US 


Glenn Orcutt - CEO, Crayon US

Glenn Orcutt brings 20+ years of sales and executive experience to Crayon from various positions at Fortune 500, 1000 and startup companies.