Case Studies AI Success Story - Cancer Research Facility


The largest cancer research facility in Norway, Rikshospitalet, worked with Crayon to develop a solution that would shorten the diagnosis process for colon cancer and potentially save lives.

Through our award-winning AI capabilities, our expert team developed a solution that uses historical data to compare images of polyps through a wide range of image libraries. With machine learning algorithms, Crayon data scientists built accurate diagnostics tools enabling pathologists to visually make the distinction between cancerous and non-cancerous polyps.

This solution drastically reduces the time spent to diagnose a patient by avoiding time-consuming tests, and could potentially save their life.  

Partner of the Year AI and Machine Learning

We are proud to have been recognized as Microsoft Global AI and Machine Learning Partner of the Year 2019.

Our cutting-edge innovations are transforming businesses worldwide by enabling them to reap the benefits from big data, analytics and machine-learning solutions.

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