Case Studies Large Retailer Selects Crayon for Software Audit Support

Why Should you Engage Crayon?

    • With proactive continuous compliance reporting, you will be able to mitigate the risk that a software audit represents to your company.

    • If you contact Crayon immediately after receiving an audit letter, we will be able to help minimize the time spent on audits while also mitigating the risk of gaps in compliance.

    • Crayon will act as an expert on your side of the table. Software agreements are complex and you should not enter into any audit discussion without having proper counsel.

    • Crayon’s deep licensing expertise in Microsoft, IBM, SAP, and Oracle is used to achieve product bundling and metric mapping specific to your operating environment.

    • Crayon creates customized programs designed to meet unique business needs in order to ensure you are experiencing continuous optimization of your software agreements.



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