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The Number One Reason Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is Here to Stay

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The number one reason Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) is here to stay is due to the number one question we get from customers, "How do I lower and consolidate my IT spend?"


CSP is currently the most efficient tool to deliver cost savings for three reasons:

      1. Customers shift from a three-year Enterprise Agreement (EA) to a monthly model with no commitment

      2. CSP allows you to adjust (decrease or increase) user accounts ANYTIME (opposed to once per year) and eliminates the 500-user minimum found in the EA

      3. CSP has no minimum Azure spend required, so you are only paying for what is actually being licensed and consumed.  


Are EAs dead?

A handful of companies especially, large government agencies, have a stringent budget that needs to be planned years in advance, so although CSP could save money, it's more important to have the fixed budget upfront. Keep in mind you can have an EA and CSP.



What can a Microsoft Partner provide that I don't already have?

Support is the next biggest reason customers choose CSP right behind cost savings. With basic EA support, you get a 1-800 number. CSP is different, and every partner is different.


"Crayon holds the largest support agreement that a partner holds with Microsoft that allows for Best in Class Support. Customers and Partners cannot normally hold that level of support with Microsoft on their own." Alison LeBlanc, Crayon Senior Partner Development Manager


Crayon CSP Benefits:

  • We handle Level 1,2,3 support and uplift to Microsoft as needed for L4 support and solve 62% of our tickets inhouse
  • When we have to uplift to Microsoft, customers and partners get to flow through our Premiere Support Agreement for Partners
  • When you go through a Microsoft partner, you should be provided a cloud portal where you can add and remove licenses promptly. Be sure to review your cloud portal will provide you additional visibility, flexibility, and more control over your cloud spend. Example here.


What if my goal isn't to lower IT spend?

If your goal isn't to lower your IT spend, then the best next step is to look at what the true business value each dollar being spent is bringing to your business. Are there places that could be lowered so you can invest elsewhere, maybe AI and ML? As consultants, we are in a unique position where we get to be open and honest about what is best for the customer, and the unique characteristic that sets Crayon apart from our competitors is flexibility. View Crayon services here.



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