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The Importance of a Modern Workplace - How Digital Will Transform Your Business

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What is digital transformation?

A digital transformation integrates digital technology into all areas of your business, bringing about a fundamental transformation to your core operation methods and providing customers with a greater value experience.

It is essential for businesses of all sizes: whether an SME or a corporation. A recent report by Progress observes that businesses who do not digitally transform will be overshadowed by competitors that do and they will take a huge loss on their bottom line. So it isn't at all surprising to discover that nearly half of organizations (44%) are implementing a digital-first approach. Furthermore, a report by Gartner shows us that 56% of CEOs have indicated a growth in revenue simply as a result of digital transformation.


The move to digital transformation

The statistics say it all, the move to digital transformation is imperative for all types and sizes of businesses. It is just one of those things that businesses have to be doing right now, else risk failing in this technologically advanced economy.
So what are the steps we have to take? What are the questions we must ask? What are the advantages and what challenges will be overcome?

Understanding tomorrow’s workplace Digital innovation and technology are changing how the world works. Empowering employees through a modern workplace will transform the organizations of tomorrow: personalized, decentralized—yet connected—workplaces where employees are continuously learning, collaborating in teams, working securely across any device, and contributing creatively with their best work. Modern workplaces are flexible, employee-centric organizations that innovate with agility, using transparent information that employees can access anytime, anywhere. Such an environment helps companies attract talent, increase productivity and employee satisfaction, decrease employee attrition, and enhance innovation agility while minimizing spend. Microsoft, Envision your modern workplace

Asking the questions that define your company's path to digital transformation

  • How will you bring about a creative and innovative workspace in order to unlock the potential in your employees?
  • How will you create an inclusive environment where people of diverse backgrounds and demographics, career roles and skill sets can collaborate and support one another?
  • How can you use technology to promote diversity and attract talent from various backgrounds?
  • How can you create and cultivate a shift towards digital culture in your organization to enforce digital transformation, digital maturity, and digitization?
  • In what ways can you bring about an increase in revenue and a significant growth in your return on investments?


Advantages of Digital Transformation


1. Delivering a seamless experience

Technology has evolved so far that customers can receive whatever they want, wherever they want, whenever they want. The bar is set high. In order to provide customers with a seamless experience and to push the bar even further, we must give customers what they expect in real time.

Further, speed is not the only thing of great importance. In addition to immediacy, customers expect things the way they want it. That is: a customer experience should be fast, accessible, and personalized.

Competition today is great and fierce. One mistake with a customer could cost you that customer permanently and potentially others too. In order to deliver on customer expectations and provide a seamless experience, a seamless system is required. A digital system is required. Everything needs to always be available and accessible, all-day every day; and the only way that is possible is through digital transformation.


2. Personalized and Enhanced Customer Experience

As mentioned above, in addition to immediacy and accessibility, customer personalization is required.

Accenture ran their Personalization Pulse Check (a survey among 1 500 consumers from the ages of 18 to 60) and they discovered that the following three things resulted in the consumers having a better attitude towards the business and their services:

  1. Being recognized: Customers being recognized by store employees are 56% more likely to make a purchase at that store.
  2. Being remembered: Customers that are remembered are 65% more likely to shop at the store.
  3. Receiving relevant recommendations: Customers are 58% to make a purchase when receiving recommendations that are relevant to their purchasing history.

Furthermore, the customers were 75% more likely to make a purchase if all three of the above were offered.

Thus, it is important to digitalize and invest in a Customer relationship management (CRM) system. A CRM will allow you to analyze customer related data and purchase histories in order to study and identify trends. With this information, any business can provide an enhanced and personalized customer experience.


3. Workplace evolution

Digital technology and the conversion to the cloud enables a customer to be flexible and dynamic in addition to having instant on-demand access to their projects and information.

With everything becoming smart, why not make working environments and collaboration tools smart as well? Different collaboration tools and smart systems such as Microsoft 365 provide your business the ability interact with consumers faster, test projects with low costs and low risks, use different applications and analytics to create a seamless experience for your employees, and then for you customers as well.

Additionally, digital transformation gives your business agility and flexibility, and provides employees a comfortable space to collaborate and innovate together.




The move to digital is a must. It is only a matter of how soon and what modern workplace to implement. If your organization wants to unlock innovation, provide an enriched teamwork experience, increase revenue growth, and have a healthier business overall, then go digital today!