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Have you ever been in a meeting and have said to yourself, "Why am I here?" or "This is taking longer than expected." or "I could be doing anything else."


What about after the meetings are over? Do you have trouble finding the information that was shared or remembering what specific action steps were supposed to be taken?




In a commissioned report, it was learned that:

60% of meeting attendees state that they are unsatisfied or "stressed" with their current meetings.
57% find the meetings to be unproductive.


The stresses of meetings came from:

  • Longer than planned meetings
  • Attendees multi-tasking
  • Attendees unprepared
  • Late attendees
  • Too many meetings
  • Scheduling issues 


Most of us today are knowledge workers. We are needed on twice as many teams, and 80% of our time is spent collaborating on projects, documents, and deliverables. 


We are working in a modern workplace environment, and with that, we need to modernize our meetings.


Microsoft Teams was built for the modern workplace. It's one place to go to manage your entire day, on any device, anywhere. This also includes optimizing meetings.


Here are 5 ways to modernize your meetings using Microsoft Teams:


1. Post the meeting agenda ahead of time. This helps the meeting stay on track AND informs attendees on the topics that will be covered.

2. Schedule the meeting in a channel. Only invite the required participants and ensure the meeting is public. Optional attendees can join if they have time.

3. Record the meeting. This allows those who missed the meeting to go back and get caught up.

4. Post the meeting summary and action items in Teams. Tag those who are responsible for each action item. This way all attendees will be clear on what needs to be done and when.

5. Continually asses if meetings are necessary. Ask yourself: "Why are we meeting?" "Can this be done over a group chat?" and "How can we make this meeting as efficient as possible?" Cancel the meeting if the negatives outweigh the potential benefits.


Microsoft Teams has seen intense growth throughout 2019 and is projected to increase rapidly in 2020. To stay informed on Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365:


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Adam Berguem - Modern Workplace Specialist

Adam Berguem advises businesses in their transition to the Modern Workplace including security, productivity, and collaboration.