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Microsoft's Productivity Cloud

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We recently saw that Microsoft announced many new features for Microsoft Teams at Ignite 2019. If you have heard Microsoft speak about their flagship product, Microsoft Teams, you may have heard it referred to as the "Hub for Teamwork," but what does that really mean?

Microsoft Teams is the place that brings the power of Microsoft 365 together. Previously, Microsoft 365 was just a way for users to purchase Office 365, Windows, and Mobility and Security. Microsoft is putting their investments in transforming Microsoft 365 into the world's productivity cloud.

To understand the WHY behind Microsoft 365, we first need to understand what modern teamwork looks like today. The GIF below sums it up perfectly. 



Microsoft has done a fantastic job of putting people first and creating a set of tools that help people be more productive, on any device, anywhere.

As the universal toolkit for teamwork, Microsoft 365 is solving the challenges every organization faces today.

The first 5 people to email me their favorite feature of Microsoft 365 will get a free 20-minute personal Q&A session around service adoption.


Adam Berguem - Modern Workplace Specialist

Adam Berguem advises businesses in their transition to the Modern Workplace including security, productivity, and collaboration.