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4 Ways To Be More Productive

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Here are two not so shocking statistics when looking at productivity

  • It takes 25 minutes to return to an original task after being interrupted

  • There is a 40% decrease in productivity when multitasking.

Pop-ups, emails, phone calls, and unnecessary meetings are all causes of why being able to focus is so difficult.

The way we work has changed. There are multiple different systems, twice as many teams, and four times the amount of collaboration.

Companies are requiring the workforce to do more with the same amount of time. Due to this, the question imposed is: How do we accomplish more and get distracted less?


Here are four things that you can do today to maximize your time.


1. Customize Your User Notifications


Customizing the notifications you receive within Microsoft Teams (Not using Teams?)  is a great way to break free from daily distractions.


You have four options to choose from when selecting what notifications to receive and what information you can ignore or triage later.


Banner and Email: You will get a banner notification and an email for these notifications.

Banner: You will only receive a notification in the pop-up banner

Only Show in Feed: You will not receive a pop-up banner or an email. The notification will still show in your activity.

Off: You will not receive notifications.


Here are my settings:


 General setting for Microsoft Teams


2. Replace Meetings With Group Chats


A group chat can be a fantastic way to save time and collaborate rather than pull multiple people into a single meeting. You can share files, collaborate on the same documents, provide feedback, and get answers to questions quickly. Start by asking yourself and the group, "Can we move this meeting to a group chat?" 


If the answer is yes: Cancel the meeting.

If the answer is no: Ask why and document their answers.


As you continue to meet week over week, start to track how much work is getting done in the meeting. Provide these results to the group and show them how a group chat will save them time.


3. Optimize Your Meetings


Yes, meetings suck. Some cannot be replaced as they are a mandatory part of our day-to-day. Add these simple steps to every meeting to be more productive.


  1. Post the meeting agenda in Microsoft Teams ahead of time. @mention each person responsible for participating along with their action items.
  2. Record the meeting for any participant who was not able to attend.
  3. Follow the agenda as closely as possible. If the conversation deviates, ensure it's still related to the topic.
  4. If unrelated topics or unforeseen problems do come up, do not solution them. Schedule time with the relevant stakeholders for a later date.
  5. After the meeting, post a quick meeting recap in Microsoft Teams. @mention each person that had an action item along with the timeline.


4. Silence All Notifications


Block off focus time in your calendar and use it to complete your intended task.


  • Close Microsoft Teams
  • Close your email
  • Put your computer and phone on do not disturb
  • Play your favorite music or block out the noise



By changing your settings, canceling unnecessary meetings, optimizing mandatory meetings, and silencing all notifications, your day is proven to be more productive.

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