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New Promotions In Crayon US Position Company For Accelerated Growth

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(DALLAS, Texas) -- Crayon Group Holding ASA (OSE: CRAYON), a global IT advisory firm, has strengthened its management team to keep up with its blockbuster growth.

Crayon continues to grow at an accelerated rate and is experiencing rapid hiring through market expansion and increased capabilities.

"Growth at this rate presents new opportunities for our people who have earned new challenges and promotions to support their new responsibilities," says Crayon US CEO Glenn Orcutt.

Regina Manfredi, previously a Vice President for Crayon US Channel Sales, was promoted to Senior Vice President of US Sales, and Lesly Kenney, formerly a Director, is now the Vice President of US Marketing and Head of Global Demand Generation. Additionally, two specialty sales leads, James Williams and Michele Pinto, are now Manager of Cloud Services, and Manager of Software and Cloud Analytics Services respectively.

"The promotions recognize the personal growth of these individuals as well as their contribution to the success of our business," says Orcutt.

Crayon has more than 1,400 employees and is in 45 countries. It's the preferred partner in the digitalization journey and is the Microsoft global Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Partner of the Year.

In 2020, Crayon will continue making significant investments in people, customers, strategic partners, systems, and innovative offerings.

"It's an honor to be recognized alongside dedicated and hard-working leaders and to work for a company with gender equality in the workplace," says Crayon SVP of US Sales Regina Manfredi. "The strategic moves will enhance the Crayon delivery of services to our customers and partners."

"In the US, we've honed a product-led growth strategy backed by data-driven demand generation. I look forward to increasing the impact of our aggressive growth marketing best practices in the US as well as scaling this up and out globally at Crayon," says Crayon VP of US Marketing and Head of Global Demand Generation Lesly Kenney.

Crayon is instrumental on a global scale for gender equality. It helped in the creation of the SHE index, which measures how diverse a company is in terms of gender, and it evaluates and ranks companies accordingly. Also, the company has a higher-than-industry average of women in the workplace. 

"Crayon continues to invest heavily in people, and our growth directly ties to the quality of employees hired," says Crayon Co-founder Jens Rugseth. "I'm especially proud of the influx of women in management positions in Crayon. We have equal opportunities for everyone and it is satisfying to see all these very competent women in our top management."  



Crayon Group Holding ASA is a leading IT advisory firm in digital transformation services. With unique IP tools and skilled employees, Crayon helps optimize its clients' ROI from complex software technology investments. Crayon has deep experience within volume software licensing optimization, digital engineering, predictive analytics, and assists clients in every step of their digital transformation. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the company has more than 1,300 employees in 45 offices worldwide.

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