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Why Effective Collaboration Tools Are Vital for the Modern Workplace

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Providing a modern workplace with effective collaboration tools will facilitate and accelerate the processes taking place within your work environment. Whereas a business that neglects to provide such tools or in fact the right tools, will be hindering productive work that could be taking place.

An article by Accenture indicates the necessity of collaboration tools for any business:

Companies need their critical workforces to perform smarter, faster and more productively. Achieving that goal requires embedding collaborative technologies deep into processes and incentivizing collaborative behaviors — ultimately transforming the way organizations turn knowledge into action. Collaboration platforms should do more than help employees talk about their work; they should create new ways for employees to do their work.

Modern tools will lead to people collaborating more effectively and working more productively. Tools such as Microsoft Teams successfully bring colleagues together to form highly effective teams.


Advantages of Collaboration Tools

Below is a list of some of the advantages that a tool like Teams can offer:

1. Improved Communication Among Colleagues

Communications within the business will be improved. Groups of people working together will be able to access a streamlined communication between one another, their managers, and other colleagues. Moreover, the ability to instantly and effortlessly share information and resources avoids time wasting as it will greatly speed up processes.

2. Increased Productivity

Where traditional communication platforms like email fail, collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams succeed. Using a chat-based platform, any member of a team will be able to begin a public or private discussion to communicate ideas and plans. Moreover, replies are instant and do not get lost in a long thread of past replies as commonly experienced with email.

3. Customizable Workspace To Suit Your Needs

Collaboration tools provide the ability to integrate 3rd party tools and services into your workspace to further customize and design the interface to your and your team's liking. Furthermore, if you are using Teams as your collaboration tool, you have the ability to integrate your productivity with all the other Office 365 apps such as Skype, Excel, Word, OneNote, and Outlook.

4. Data Protection

Security shouldn't be a worry either, because most collaboration tools have strong security measures in place that provide two-factor authentication and encrypt all files, messages, and data shared with others.

5. Anytime Access

The great thing about collaboration tools is the ability to access your data at anytime and from anyplace. Whether you are on your computer or your mobile device, you will always remain updated, have access to your team's collaboration efforts, and be able to contribute to the current project.

6. Better Focus

Another reason to invest in the right collaboration tool is the fact that employees and managers alike can better focus on work. Teams allows you to productively prioritize your time by providing you only with the necessary information. Whether it be documents, conversations, or meeting dates, you can give your attention to the work that needs it most without getting sidetracked by other events.


Choosing the Right Collaboration Tool

Whether it be Trello, Slack, Flowdock, or Microsoft Teams, it is clear that they all offer very similar features: quick commands, conversation threads, a search bar, and content sharing.

However, they also offer very different tools and services. In fact, the differences between most collaboration tools are a lot greater than their similarities; with some tools lacking in some areas and exceeding in others, and vice versa.

Which tool is best? It all depends on your company’s collaboration preferences. It is important to consider what is right for your business; and when doing so you should examine the differences: productivity, communication, security, etc. and contemplate which platform is the right platform for your company.

Furthermore, it is important to note that there are tools that do not secure your data or provide the effective collaboration you are looking for. It is vital to do extensive research before investing in one tool over another. Although a great tool may be outstanding for your company, a not-so-great tool can lead to disorganized collaboration, jumbled file sharing, and undisciplined decision making; in other words: lost productivity!

Although software with flawless security may not exist, one can be assured that Microsoft Teams has seriously stepped up its game by delivering the advanced security that customers can expect.

Not having a collaboration tool will cost you your bottom line; having the wrong one could even cost you your business.


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