Managed and Subscription Services Cloud-iQ

Cloud-iQ Your Cloud, Your Way

New Features Cloud-iQ

Cloud-iQ will provide you with an unrivalled overview of your Cloud Services, which can be customised and augmented to suit your organisation's unique requirements.


Cloud-iQ will help you:

  • Simplify your order and management processes
  • Control your Cloud usage and spending through centralized procurement cross vendors
  • Instant provisioning of subscriptions and licenses
  • Lower costs by reducing software surplus spending
  • Reduce the time you spend on consumption management
  • Reduce time spent on administration
  • Access to comprehensive BI reports for usage and billing management

To find out how you can benefit from all of these features, contact your Account Manager today.


Cloud-iQ Key Features

  • Self-service provisioning of Cloud services and products
  • Adjust and manage subscription plans
  • Instant access to new subscriptions and licenses after provisioning
  • View service catalog and prices
  • Cost calculated daily for license-based services, and actual usage for consumption-based services
  • Billing management
  • Easy access to service management
  • View live cost reports on Usage-based services
  • Set thresholds and get spending notifications
  • Place support requests and order add-on support
  • Ability to have multiple user accounts, and self-manage your accounts to suit the business need

Cloud-iQ Developer API

Crayon offers Cloud-iQ APIs that enable customers to connect their portals/systems to Crayon’s systems. The APIs help Cloud-iQ users manage subscriptions, get products and prices, obtain usage and billing data, and much more. Our APIs essentially let customers have access to the same functionality they have when logged in to our Cloud-iQ portal right from within their own internal systems.

Joint Goals Joint Success

Crayon Cloud-iQ takes care of the hazards and makes the complicated simple. You will now have bandwidth to focus on your business, instead of worrying about processes and manual software management.