Microsoft Teams The Hub for Teamwork

Crayon's Empower-IQ program is designed to drive full adoption of Microsoft Teams and Office 365.


We've gone through the same challenges that every Microsoft user has gone through. Our approach is proven to work, because before rolling it out to the public, we created our own internal program and inspired change on a global scale. 

Crayon spans 23 different countries, all working towards the same goal of helping our customers through their digital transformation. Check out Lesly and Beth's personal story below.



Since our Empower-IQ change management program and tool was such a success, Crayon has created an offering specific to the adoption of Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Our proven methodology, which is based on the principles of change management, helps drive company-wide user adoption.


When considering your journey to Microsoft Teams and Office 365, here are a few things to consider.

  • • Prior to rolling out new technology, create communication strategies around building awareness and desire in employees.
  • • Set key performance metrics specific to your rollout and adoption. Consistently measure the outcomes.
  • • Allow for open feedback channels between end-users and your internal champions/project team.
  • • Provide ongoing training and support for end-users. Ensure training is easy to find, short, consumable, and offer self-service options.

In fully adopting Microsoft Teams, and leveraging our Empower-IQ tool, Crayon has seen a 33% increase in productivity and collaboration.


See our Microsoft Teams and change management resource download pages below.