Software Consulting License Advisory Service and Cloud Consulting
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Crayon License Advisory Service connects you to a team of Software Consultants and Cloud Consultants on-demand. 

Organizations benefit from:

  • Support for unlimited tickets with agreed-upon response times

  • Discount on license training: CSAM certification, ELP Training, etc.

  • Monthly check-ins with Crayon Software Experts 

  • Consulting days 


The License Advisory Service Applies to the Following Software Vendors:

  • Adobe

  • Attachmate

  • Autodesk

  • Quest Software

  • Red Hat 


Software Consulting And Asset Management Software Consultant Experts

Crayon has a client-centric business philosophy.

We work on behalf of our clients offering the most comprehensive and structured range of license management and SAM consultancy services in the framework of a long term strategic partnership in order to optimize ROI through realistic TCO reduction.

Our team of highly accredited consultants along with our unique tools and systems can offer the most comprehensive range of SAM & License Management consulting solutions available.


License Compliance Check

  • Microsoft SAM Baselines (ELP) Production
  • All other leading technology publishers including Oracle, Adobe & IBM

 Audit Support & Simulation Services

  • To ensure your organization is ready for audit before submitting data to the publishers. Crayon provides comprehensive audit support and simulation services for all leading technology publishers

 License Optimization

  • License and contract scenario analysis to prepare and optimize your negotiating position for all technology partners including True-Up Support for Microsoft Enterprise agreement clients

 SAM Assessment & Scoping

  • Analysis, benchmarking
  • Scoping, project planning

 SAM Tool Evaluation

  • Independent advice on tool requirement definitions
  • Tender preparation and process support
  • Proof of Concept

 SAM Deployment

  • SAM strategy and concept
  • SAM organization and roles
  • SAM process design/development
  • Software inventory
  • License data gathering
  • License reconciliation & optimization


At Crayon, we provide clients with a wide range of software solutions, including software consulting and asset management to ensure optimal usability, value, and compliance.




IT solutions play an integral role in the daily operations of any modern business. Software  allows for business growth, reduces human errors and, ultimately, increases your ROI.


At Crayon, our software consultants can help to increase automation, security, and asset management in your business by providing you with:


-    The best software solutions for your needs

-    An enhanced IT architecture

-    Improved integration between your existing infrastructures


Asset and Application Management


Secondary or supporting IT operations are vital to the growth of your business. However, functions like application management, software maintenance, and solution development may require valuable time and effort.


Outsourcing software asset management to us will free up your time and human resources. It will also ensure that professionals are taking care of your ongoing IT operations like maintenance.


Automation and Integration


At Crayon, we understand the value of eliminating manual processes and harmonizing the workflows between several components. Through utilizing our software consulting services (SCS) the load on your human resources will be alleviated.


Crayon specializes in helping clients automate their processes and integrate their workflows to speed-up business activities, eliminate administration and errors, and save money.


In addition to automation and integration, we can also help you implement effective self-service solutions, which will allow your users to enter data themselves. We will then integrate the self-service functionality with the rest of your platforms to ensure congruence throughout your infrastructure.


Dynamic Development Solutions


Your business environment is dynamic, and you have to be able to adapt your infrastructure to stay on top of your clients’ needs.


We provide dynamic software solutions and consulting services and adapt the projects to your needs and your business’s growth.




Crayon’s team of licensing professionals has extensive experience in working with major software vendors, and we have your back when it comes to Enterprise Agreement negotiations. Our licensing advisory services are not only aimed at ensuring the most favorable outcome from your negotiated agreement, but they can also reduce your costs.


If you need help with your licensing challenges, Crayon can assist. We follow a pragmatic approach in helping you prepare for your licensing agreement negotiations and guiding you throughout the entire process.


Our license consulting services are listed below


Determine Your Software Needs


To start the process of taking care of your software licensing, we analyze your existing corporate software solutions and get all the information necessary to formulate gap analysis reports and reconciliation reports.


Then, we work extensively with you to determine your software needs for the next few years. Through this, we determine the most optimal software licensing package for you to ensure that your needs are taken care of during the next phase of your business’s growth.


Comparative Analysis


After determining your software solution needs, we will benchmark your business against similar companies in your market, region, and industry. If you understand related businesses’ software needs, it can help you to form an expectation of the best pricing you can achieve.


By understanding the software needs of businesses that are similar to yours, you will also be able to back your discount requests or attempts to cut negotiations short.


Formulate a Negotiation Strategy


A successful negotiation outcome is critical to ensure that you have optimal software solutions at the lowest possible costs. To provide a successful result, you and your team need to follow the appropriate negotiation strategy.


As part of our services, we will help you determine the right strategy that you can follow during the process. We also play a supporting role throughout the negotiations and even lead the negotiations, depending on your preferences.


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Ensuring a steady workflow and efficiency comes down to your software solutions. The problem that many business owners have is that they don’t have sufficient knowledge to optimize, integrate, and manage their existing solutions. They don’t have the necessary skills to develop software that takes care of critical functions.


With Crayon as your software consultant and asset manager, you will reap the following benefits:


-    Scalable solutions for sustainable business growth

-    An increase in ROI

-    Elimination of manual functions and a decrease in human errors

-    Enhanced efficiency

-    Excellent support

-    A competitive advantage

-    Automation and removal of tedious day-to-day tasks

-    Enhanced security of all your business’s data, including customer details and your sales information

-    More effective business and software management


Plugging our services into your business can directly reduce your running costs and increase your profit. We can help you with:


-    Software consulting

-    Software management

-    Automation and integration

-    License consulting


Contact Crayon today to schedule an initial consultation.