Begin Your Software Compliance Journey The most effective path to software licensing compliance: Microsoft Baseline



The first step to software compliance is to see exactly what is entitled and deployed. A baseline engagement will provide you immediate visibility into your software estate and give you access to a team of experts to understand your current compliance state.

Microsoft Baseline Deliverables Your software compliance basics

Deliverables from your Microsoft Baseline Engagement:  


Entitlements – Crayon will analyze license reports and help the organization understand what software your organization is entitled to deploy


Deployments – Crayon will perform a review of installed products to give you visibility around how licenses are deployed across the entire organization 


Reporting – Crayon will develop an Effective License Position (ELP) comparing entitlements and deployments, uncovering opportunities for improvement


Gap Analysis – Crayon will analyze current organizational practices relative to the organization’s desired future software and cloud state, surfacing gaps between the two


Risk Assessment – Crayon will demonstrate risks to the organization in order to assist in reducing the software footprint through rationalization and consolidation, lowering the risk and cost of software license audits, identifying security and cyber threats, upholding reputation, anticipating future needs, and improving overall business performance


Why Crayon? Auditor-Level Scripts

In a Crayon Baseline engagement, we run scripts to pull data regarding active devices and what is deployed on those devices. We can leverage any tools you have now, (Snow, Flexera, etc.) or we can use our own scripts.

Crayon VB scripts are created by auditors who formerly worked as auditors for KPMG, Deloitte, and other auditing firms. Our talented team knows exactly what to look for in an audit and we pull complete and accurate data.

Software Compliance Services What are my next steps?



Software & Cloud Analytics Managed Service

Through the Crayon managed service offering we can help customers not only right-size but continue to get recommendations for optimization over the term of that managed service. 

Gartner suggests that organizations can cut spending on software by as much as 30% by implementing software license optimization best practices. And customers can potentially, by using Crayon Managed Services, reduce spending by 5-10% in subsequent years.


Audit Defense

By being under a managed service, the customer/partner can feel comfortable that the work we are doing with the managed service and the Baseline, is giving them that compliance/noncompliance risk so they are compliant with the terms and conditions to the Microsoft licensing agreement that they have.


Agreement Optimization

Crayon helps the customer/partner understand what their future options are in terms of licensing. Once we know what the current state looks like, we can help move them move into a cloud option such as M365.


Audit Support

Customers and Partners are able to obtain software compliance audit support without having to be enrolled in a managed service option. This is especially useful if customers/partners are going through a Microsoft license verification or have actually been requested to do a real audit through Microsoft.