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Crayon has the most comprehensive catalogue of cloud technology solutions along with unique tools, platforms and deep consulting experience and services that will allow you to accelerate your business in the cloud. 

Allowing you to not only define your ideal journey to the cloud but also to simplify the deployment, adoption and management of your customer’s technology consumption. Ensuring that you optimize your time and ROI on your cloud technology investments.

Cloud-iQ Succeed in the Cloud with Crayon

Cloud Services continues to be the buzz word in the IT industry.  With the IT market changing almost daily, and with the explosion of multi-platform environments it’s becoming increasingly challenging for organizations to be compliant with the terms of their licensing agreements, and therefore increasingly complex to plot your ideal journey to the cloud.

As the global software and cloud experts, Crayon have deep relationships with all the leading publishers including being a global top 10 Microsoft LSP and Microsoft CSP T2 Partner.

Crayon provides you with a ONE-STOP CLOUD BUSINESS SOLUTION – delivering a complete and integrated product set of cloud service offerings, including all of Microsoft’s cloud technology suite – which Crayon can customize and augment to suit your unique requirements.

If you are not sure how your business shapes up in terms of Cloud Readiness, why not ask Crayon to deliver a FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment?

Our world-leading Consultants will review your existing consumption profiles and technology management processes. Ensuring you have clarity on where you can make enhancements to benefit both your customers and bottom line!

Cloud-iQ Your One-Stop Cloud Solution

IT is moving to Hybrid Cloud and speed and process optimisation is critical to organizations in order to drive deployment and user management.

Crayon’s exclusive Cloud-iQ platform can help you drive more cloud technology business faster than other solutions and will radically reduce the amount of time you're spending managing your business in the cloud. 

Cloud-iQ allows you to perfectly manage your cloud estate, and its powerful engine does the hard workflow management so you don't have to.