Software Asset Management

SAM-iQ Program

SAM-iQ The Intelligent Foundation to IT Optimization

Crayon's world class SAM-iQ Program takes a consultative approach to achieving effective and comprehensive software lifecycle management and optimization of our clients' IT estate.

SAM-iQ provides a structured framework and is designed for organizations that build and maintain their own internal compliance systems. The program is implemented in line with current global SAM best practice, resulting in the optimization of an organization's IT estate, through a solid understanding of the cost of ownership, asset optimization and return on investment.

The program provides access to a unique range of Crayon tools and training courses to support and provide a common basis for developing and maintaining organizational software management standards and practices.

Why? SAM-iQ

Crayon has assisted thousands of organizations globally in delivering SAM services and we understand the challenges that internal IT teams face when trying to implement and maintain a set of ongoing SAM processes.

The SAM-iQ Program guides organizations through the initial planning and implementation phases, into a 'business as usual' activity that provides ongoing maintenance and optimization.

Many of the organizations we work with have common business goals and objectives that the SAM-iQ Program directly addresses, such as:

  • Benchmarking their current SAM maturity levels
  • Implementing better governance through policy and processes
  • Gaining visibility of their current software usage
  • Effectively managing their licenses
  • Understanding their current software requirements and planning for future software needs
  • Understanding the impact of technology deployment as it transitions from physical to virtual, or from on-premises to hosted or Cloud
  • Mitigating risk of vendor audit and unexpected/unbudgeted cost
  • Driving cost savings
STRUCTURED APPROACH Your Journey to Software Compliance

SAM-iQ maps out your software compliance project into four distinct phases and provides the most structured approach to achieving effective and comprehensive software lifecycle management and IT optimization:

  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Optimization

SAM-iQ takes organizations on a journey to software compliance, and provides step-by-step guidance, online tools and dashboards and expert training, all specifically designed to appropraitely heighten the understanding around IT legislation within the enterprise and address the risks associated with the illegal use of software.

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