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Crayon Make SAP Licenses Work for You

In many organizations leaders view SAP licensing with caution at best and outright fear at worst.  While SAP and its myraid of complexities are integral to the fabric of these organizations, the licensing of that software is a risk versus reward play with attempts made at remaining compliant while the focus remains on running a successful business.

At Crayon, rather than battling the complexity of your SAP licensing we give you the transparency and accuracy you need to ensure you not only remain compliant, but license only what you need and nothing more.  Crayon goes far beyond basic licensing baseline services to fully understand your business objectives, the infrastructure that exists around your SAP system, and how these elements intersect, to build a complete license management plan that gives you back control of your SAP licenses.

Why Crayon?

At Crayon we believe in a holistic approach to license management that covers all aspects of SAP licensing, namely, but not limited to, Named User Optimization & Engine/Package Measurement, Maintenance & Cost Analysis, Audit Preparation, Support and Defense, Indirect Access Review and Risk Assessment, Non-SAP Contracts, SYBASE, HYBRIS etc.

The benefit and Crayon difference:

  • Comprehensive insight of license entitlements and costs.
  • Noticeable return on investment (ROI)
  • Greater control of license allocation & measurement.
  • Improved forecasting and risk management.
  • Enhanced internal controls & processes.

Crayon's expertise and years of experience with SAM helps our customers cover all aspects of SAM practice from planning to onboarding and execution.

Our customers use a hybrid of the above services depending on their needs and requirement and at Crayon we offer all of the options tailored to the customer’s individual circumstances and requirements. We believe that our customers should have the choice and flexibility to get the best results.