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Webinar Managing IT Risk Due to M&A


Effectively manage technology assets du to complexity of M&A

Control risk in the environment to avoid audits

Govern utilization of technology assets to properly optimize entitlements and spend

Ensure proper process and procedures are in place to ensure the est merger, acquisition or diversiture is managed more efficiently and effectively


FlexNet Manager solutions help you manage and optimize enterprise software regardless of location, from the desktop to the data center to the cloud, so you can manage your vendor relationships and contracts more efficiently.

  • Organize software license and entitlements on a single, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Eliminate unbudgeted audit true-up expenses
  • Optimize licenses costs
  • Gain actionable insight to make smarter hardware and software strategy decisions

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With Data Platform, you can make quick, effective decisions for enterprise technology by delivering a complete listing of all your hardware and software using Technopedia, the world’s largest and most comprehensive repository of market intelligence on enterprise software and hardware.

  • Consolidate, normalize and clean your IT assets data from almost any source
  • Realize more value and efficiency from your CMDB investments
  • Respond faster to internal and regulatory audits of your IT inventory
  • Boost your visibility and reduce time to research crucial information

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To make the most of the SaaS products your organization uses, you need the most advanced SaaS insights.

Flexera SaaS Manager maintains the largest group of integrations, delivering unparalleled business intelligence about when and how your users are interacting with your SaaS applications.

Capabilities of Flexera Saas Manager:

  • Discover 30,000+ applications
  • Manage 6,000+ license usage
  • Optimize 300+ product integrations

Every day, you hear the call of the cloud. You're the one charged with planning a cloud-first strategy and migrating your company’s IT workloads to the cloud. But making the wrong decision can be costly to your company and career. Now, you can get the actionable intelligence needed to optimize your cloud journey, start to finish with Flexera’s cloud solutions portfolio.

  • See an overview of your entire IT environment from an application centric view giving/enabling to act
  • Prepare your organization for the migration journey
  • Manage all your cloud costs in a multi-cloud environment
  • Control and optimize all your public and private cloud use

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FLEXERA SOLUTIONS Software Vulnerability Manager

Flexera SVM solutions help you assess, prioritize and fix software vulnerabilities before risk increases; gain visibility over your software vulnerability management processes; and automate patch management tasks to speed remediation processes and save time.

  • Discover what software has security vulnerabilities and which have reached their end of life
  • Prioritize remediation efforts based on the criticality of related vulnerabilities, how likely they are to be exploited and how prevalent they are in your organization
  • Enjoy a patch-oriented view of vulnerabilities via security advisories written by Secunia Research
  • Publish patches via Windows Server Update Services and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager

For over 30 years, Flexera's 1300+ team members worldwide have been passionate about helping their more than 50,000+ customers fuel business success. 

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