Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud for Higher Education

Teach Digital Literacy to Boost Employability

Creative Cloud gives students the tools and skills to become active content creators who are prepared for success in the modern workforce.

Disruptive trends in higher education have raised questions about the value of a college degree. And institutions are finding it more challenging to recruit and retain the right talent.  

Institutions of all types are experiencing the following trends:

  • The rise of mobile technologies
  • New approaches by Generation Z
  • A shift in attitudes about higher education
  • Evolving definitions of creativity and literacy

With Creative Cloud, you can transform the way you deliver education by integrating creative tools and technologies throughout your curricula and classroom to ensure your students gain the skills to become digital storytellers and persuasive communicators. 

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Adobe is committed to educational excellence and igniting creativity for your institution. 

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a platform of 22 products that gives students a comprehensive, mobile, digital maker space to bring their stories and creativity to life, using the same tools that industry leaders use today.

Easy-to-Integrate Creative Cloud Projects:

  • InDesign and Scientific Communication
  • Audition and Poetry Podcast
  • AcrobatAuditionMuse for Digital Archives
  • Audition for Humanities Podcast
  • Illustrator for board game design
  • Spark Page for video log in the Sciences
  • Premiere Pro for Social Science Documentary
  • Premier Pro for Homage Film project
  • Illustrator and Infographics
  • Photoshop for Social Media Meme
  • InDesign and Magazine production
  • InDesign and Lab Report

Using Adobe products throughout a higher education journey helps build students' creative confidence and skills over time.

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