Adobe Adobe Education for K-12

Teachers can now reach students in new and unexpected ways.

Creative Cloud featuring Adobe Spark for Education is a dynamic, media-creation platform that combines academic needs to empower teachers, staff, and students.

With Creative Cloud, you can visualize and communicate ideas across print, media, and mobile devices whenever and wherever you want. Make learning richer in any subject and help students communicate with confidence, integrating five types of creative projects:

  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Photography
  • Illustrations
  • Web and app designs

Engage your students and drive creativity in the classroom for FREE with Adobe Spark for Education.

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Drive engagement, build critical skills, foster creativity

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a platform of 22 products that gives students a comprehensive, mobile, digital maker space to bring their stories and creativity to life, using the same tools that industry leaders use today.

Five ways students use the Creative Cloud today are for:

  • Graphics and photography
  • Illustrations and drawing
  • Presentations 
  • Video
  • Application / Web design and prototyping

Using Adobe products throughout a higher education journey helps build students' creative confidence and skills over time.

  • Using Spark, Video teaches students the basics about structuring and telling a story through moving images and words.
  • Adobe Premiere Rush enables students to easily create professional-quality videos on mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.
  • Finally, students can prepare for industry jobs with Premiere Pro, the tool used in creating popular music videos, Sundance films, and Academy Award-winning cinema.

New Technology High School (NTHS) students develop a sense of visual literacy and strengthen their visual communication skills by producing their videos in a variety of educational contexts using Adobe Premiere Rush.

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