IBM Crayon Continuous Compliance Program
CONTINUOUS COMPLIANCE PROGRAM A Unique Optimization Strategy for IBM Customers

Organizations that use IBM software on average have a 25-30% chance of being randomly audited by IBM at least once, in any given year.

With multiple brands, a large and consistently changing product catalog, and hundreds of ways to license the technology, there is an enormous variety of products and license models that require managing and optimizing. This makes it very complex and potentially difficult for a customer to be compliant without expert help.

CASE STUDY Sparebank 1 Gruppen

When Sparebank 1 Gruppen, Norway's second largest banking group, received an audit notification from IBM they teamed up with Crayon.  Sparebank 1 became the world's first customer of the Crayon Continuous Compliance Program.

During the project, compliancy gaps were measured and the findings were identified and appropriately implemented. By engaging on Crayon's Continuous Compliance Program, Sparebank 1 can now be confident that their chances of receiving an audit from IBM have been dramatically reduced.

To find out more about how Sparebank 1 worked with Crayon to mitigate their risk, optimize their license entitlements and reduce complexity throughout what could have been a difficult and protracted audit process, watch the Sparebank 1 Gruppen Video Case Study.

Gold IBM SAM PARTNER Crayon Continuous Compliance Program

Crayon is a Premier IBM Business Partner, a Gold SAM Partner, a System Z Business Partner and an expert with IBM technology. We have over 230 IBM certifications worldwide. Crayon truly understand the complexity of IBM licensing and know how to optimize it for our customers.

Through working closely with IBM, Crayon has developed a new and innovative service that guarantees continual compliance for IBM customers, while at the same time optimizes the ROI on their IBM investments.

The Crayon Continuous Compliance Program (CCCP) is a structured framework that offers customers a unique opportunity to not only become compliant and stay compliant with their IBM technology estate, but to also dramatically reduce their chances of being audited by IBM and the consequent drain of the technical team resources needed to manage publisher audits.

Engaging on Crayon's Continuous Compliance Program, ensures ongoing and constant optimization of your entire IBM license portfolio, by providing:

  • Quarterly Effective License Position (ELP) updates
  • IBM specialist support
  • An annual baseline
  • Access to Crayon's License Helpdesk
  • Complete ILMT and manual reporting
  • ILMT Upgrades and maintenance
  • Status and forecast meetings

The Continuous Compliance Program consists of various services and deliverables provided on a quarterly basis to ensure you are ‘IBM Compliant’.

With the Crayon Continuous Compliance Program we work with you in a collaborative atmosphere and at a time convenient for you. Together we establish and maintain a cost optimized and legally compliant IBM software estate. 

Customer insight & software optimization will:

  • Identify who is using what technology and how much they are using
  • Establish policies, processes, and procedures
  • Reduce software asset exposure risk and unbudgeted expenditures
  • Ensure corporate policy on being compliant is documented

Optimized Software License Agreements that are:

  • Regularly evaluated and renegotiated to ensure that the organization is getting the best value from their investment

Reduced costs & informed decision making by providing:

  • An accurate IBM Entitlement Baseline and IBM Software Inventory
  • An accurate software estate based on a reconciliation if inventory to entitlements

Crayon has worked with hundreds of mid-size to large IBM customers across the globe, such as Jernbaneverket, the Norwegian government’s agency for railway services, to provide a clear path to an optimized and compliant IBM estate. 

It’s no secret that IBM software audits are extremely time consuming with a significant risk of costs to address any issues found.

Click here to find out how Jernaneverket saved millions through working with Crayon to optimize their IBM licensing.