CSCS Crayon Statistic Collaboration Solution Including SPSS®

The Crayon Statistic Collaboration Solution is a solution for statistical analysis in social sciences, as well as business, government, and academic organizations. 

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CSCS including SPSS® Statistics is the world's leading statistical software for business, government, research, and academic organizations. 

Whether you are an experienced analyst or statistician, or even if you're a complete beginner, CSCS including SPSS® gives you the power to use advanced statistical analysis.

Although CSCS including SPSS® (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) derives its name from the social sciences market, it is now widespread in other fields like health sciences and marketing. 


IBM Platinum Business Partner

Crayon holds Platinum status in the IBM PartnerWorld Program. The IBM and Crayon partnership provides customers with industry-leading technology and compliance process and expertise. Crayon holds over 230 IBM certifications worldwide, working with hundreds of customers across the globe. 


Software Licensing Optimization

  • Crayon specializes in optimizing contractual terms and conditions for high-volume customers.
  • We support customers across all industry sectors, helping them to specify, plan, deploy, manage, and optimize technology ecosystems.
  • Crayon maintains relationships with all major global software publishers.
  • We have deep experience within software and cloud economics, volume software licensing, cloud adoption, digital engineering, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, as well as predictive analytics. 


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