IBM IBM Licensing Programs
IBM LICENSING Passport Advantage & Passport Advantage Express

IBM has two license acquisition/software subscription and support offerings: Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express

Passport Advantage is designed for larger enterprises, and Passport Advantage Express is designed to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses.

Passport Advantage

Passport Advantage is IBM's comprehensive software licensing, software subscription and support (product upgrades and technical support) offering.

It is designed for larger enterprises that may have multiple sites. Passport Advantage provides more opportunities to obtain enhanced value as it offers better pricing for your volume purchases over time and is based on the customer's Relationship Suggested Volume Price (RSVP) level.

Passport Advantage Express

Passport Advantage Express is designed for single-site, smaller enterprise businesses. It combines the full Passport Advantage product list with the simplicity of transaction-based acquisition.

Passport Advantage Express does not require a relationship agreement as each transaction is subject to the terms and conditions effective at the time.

There are no points and no aggregating just a single price level and with each new license acquisition the customer is provided with renewable Software Subscription and Support.

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