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Microsoft Office 2016

Office 2016 has a host of new features and more regular updates to help you work faster, more collaboratively and from any location.

With Office 2016 your teams can be made public or kept secure. Departments can share an inbox, calendar, cloud storage, and OneNote notebook.

Office 365 Planner also aids teamwork by helping organize workflow with plans, tasks and due dates.

WHY OFFICE 2016? Updated Features & Improvements

Share your work

Office 2016 lets you share your documents at the click of a button and work with others at the same time.

You’ll be able to see other users’ edits with co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote while the enhanced version history allows you to refer back to snapshots of a document during the editing process.

With new modern attachments in Outlook, you can attach files from OneDrive and automatically configure permission without leaving Outlook.

Work from anywhere

Draft, edit and save documents in the cloud from the desktop. New features for mobile devices keep everyone connected when they’re on the move.

You can now review, analyze and present your Office 2016 documents across any of your devices from PC or Mac to Windows, Apple®, and Android™ phones and tablets.

Work much faster

The new features of Office 2016 will help you quickly find information and turn it into useable data.

  • Tell Me: Simply tell Word, Excel, or PowerPoint what you want to do, and Tell Me will guide you to the command.
  • Fact-check: Smart Lookup uses terms you highlight and other contextual information in the document to deliver search results from the web, all within the document.
  • Insights: one-click forecasting turns your historical data into an analysis of future trends. New charts help you visualize complex data
Drive Productivity 66 Productivity Tips for Office 2016 in Healthcare

Businesses run on Microsoft, and Microsoft Office 2016 provides some new and innovative tools to increase productivity. 

Healthcare organizations have unique challenges that require a delicate balancing act between hands-on patient care and the rest of the non-clinical duties that are required for compliance and regulatory standards.

By implementing even a few of the productivity tips in this guide, healthcare workers can save time and increase collaboration and communication in almost any hospital, clinic, or healthcare organization. 

Click here to view 66 productivity tips for Office 2016 in Healthcare.

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Office 2016 and Office 365 for Healthcare

In this on-demand webinar learn how to improve productivity and streamline collaboration in a healthcare setting, all with low upfront costs, rich features, and a familiar Microsoft Office experience.

We understand that it can be challenging for health care organizations to collaborate with colleagues effectively while still protecting their patient's confidentiality and remaining compliant with health care privacy laws.

Download the webinar to discover how you can achieve a cloud productivity solution that not only meets compliance regulations, but reduces costs and improves communications for your hospital, clinic or health care organization.