Optimizing the Modern Data Platform

SQL SERVER 2016 Transforming Your Data into Intelligent Action

Every two years the amount of data we generate on the machines and devices we use doubles.

Scale this back to what we do daily and it equates to 2 billion gigabytes of data produced every single day.

The key thing to remember here is that data is fact. Data is the outcome of an action. If you can improve data management then you can use it to improve marketing results, increase sales conversions, and deliver better customer service.

A staggering 51% of organizations admit they lose out on new business opportunities because they’re not able to see them until it’s too late, which demonstrates exactly how important it is to be in control of your data.

webinar Taming the Volume

Data has always been a valuable resource for businesses but being able to harness the value from the vast volumes of information that surround your organization today is a challenge.

This first webinar, Taming the Volume, in our Optimizing Your Data Platform webinar series, provides insight into what makes up the vast volumes of data that surrounds your business, and explores how you can build a more complete picture of your organization by harnessing the information that surrounds it.

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webinar Building a Visual Picture

Data needs to be captured and interrogated before it can be used. But because of the sheer volume of information that’s captured, the only viable way to analyze it is through technology.

In the second webinar Building a Visual Picture, we dig into how with the right approach and technology, leaders in big-data generate an average of 12% more revenue than their peers. We also take a look into Power BI, R, and Cortana along with the other tools that bring data to life.

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webinar Managing Data Vulnerabilities

In this digital age, all businesses need to be wary of cyber-crime. 2016 saw a 22% increase in cyber-crime, with 52% of businesses reporting some form of digital attack.

In the third webinar Managing Data Vulnerabilities, we delve into the murky world of cyber-crime and look at how you can improve data management while keeping data, systems, and people, secure. During this webinar we'll discover...

  • Why you need more than one level of protection
  • How should you manage identity across your organization
  • Why back-up and disaster recovery is important

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webinar Increasing Business Value

Captured data has always been valuable, from using it to measure customer feedback and improve services, to monitoring market information and developing new products.

In the fourth and final webinar Increasing Your Business Value, we look at the new technology that is impacting where data is coming from, and what opportunities this creates for your business. We'll take a closer look at...

  • How better data management can improve services
  • How better data management can make you more competitive
  • The trends that are impacting the future of data-management

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