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4 Steps to Reduce SAP® Indirect Access Risk With Snow and Crayon

Keeping on top of SAP® licensing is a time-consuming and complex task. The correlation between licenses defined in a contract versus technical entitlement to use the SAP system has always been open to interpretation. The complexity of preparing for an SAP audit is exacerbated by the threat of Indirect Access fees. 

A UK court ruled in favour of SAP against drinks giant Diageo for £54 million in determining the right of software vendors to charge license fees to users on indirect access to SAP generated data proving that it is crucial to fully understand your organizations financial risk from its usage of SAP.

join the webinar 4 Steps to Reduce SAP® Indirect Access Risk

This webinar, presented by your local Snow SAP expert, will explain the various aspects of Indirect Access to help you understand your risk. We will then run through a four step plan to reduce this risk and remain prepared.
Join Snow and Crayon for this exclusive webinar and learn how to:

  • Assign users to their correct license type 
  • Right-size the direct user population 
  • Minimize the number of indirect users accessing your SAP system
  • Continuously optimise and improve

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