AI Center of Excellence Customer Stories

Crayon's Centre of AI Excellence are pioneers in the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced Machine Learning (ML) for customers across multiple market sectors.

We are delivering transformational value in Healthcare with advances in homomorphic encryption to allow for advanced analytics to be performed on encrypted data in order to protect sensitive personal information and we working with transnational professional organisations to endeavour to revolutionise the detection and speed of treatment for certain types of cancer.

Industries from manufacturing to global distribution are working with our AI and ML experts from discreet proof of concept (POC) engagements to entire enterprise transformation projects where we are helping customers embed AI across their core processes to deliver incremental advances in competitiveness and efficiency.

Take a look at the example story summaries here or for a more detailed discussion to find out how our AI & Machine Leaning Practice can help you supercharge and transform your business contact us now.