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We’re global SAM leaders and our customers benefit – just ask Gartner

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As companies are looking for ways to trim costs, one often overlooked area is software licensing.

Regardless if organizations are largely on-premises or in the cloud, there’s great opportunities to optimize that spend, and the practice of doing so is called software asset management, or SAM.


Gartner has positioned us as leaders in the Magic Quadrant

for SAM Managed Services. It’s the first time that Gartner has produced this type of report for the sector.


➔ Follow this link for a complimentary copy of the Magic Quadrant report.


When I heard Gartner was launching the report, the first thought that struck me was how transformational this was for the entire SAM industry. Why? Well, it’s recognition of the fact that this is officially an established industry.

Up to now, many still considered SAM as something that was “pretty good” to optimize for, but now it’s clear that its importance is quite significant.

Managed SAM is a defined discipline that must be taken seriously and treated as a critical part of everyone’s existing and future business plans. There are profound efficiencies to be made, and significant costs to be saved. That CIOs finally now have a benchmarking guide for buying SAM services is a watershed moment.


Crayon is a leader – that’s a fact


When I read the report, I was equally impressed that Crayon was placed as a clear Global Leader – as was our US-based sister company, Anglepoint. In Gartner’s own words:

“Crayon’s SAM managed service client volume, contract maturity and proportion of continuous SAM service delivery are each among the highest compared to its peers in this Magic Quadrant.”

There’s too much in these sentences to unpack in a single blog, but what they highlight is that managed SAM is a discipline Crayon has been perfecting for almost 18 years. There are few independent players with our experience, credibility, knowledge bank, or intellectual property.


Crayon has delivered managed SAM services since 2002 (in the words of our co-founder “it's in our DNA.”) Our client base has grown every year – it is large, broad, diverse, and global. Within managed SAM, digitalization and cloud services you will not find a challenge we haven’t seen ­­– or solved. And you will not find any solution that we delivered that wasn’t built around trying to monetize value for our clients, including both cash-savings and risk mitigations.

We have always been on the side of our customers. As the report lays out:

“Crayon scored above its peers … for innovation and is also praised by reference clients for service methodology and execution. It is adapting services to incorporate cloud economics and developing IP, including Service-iQ.”


For those unaware, Service-iQ is our unique collaboration platform that enables all Crayon SAM and cloud consultants to deliver high and consistent quality to our customers. It enables us, as a company, to put the right expert to work with the right customer at the right time. It’s all about building the right infrastructure and platform, and having the underlying software management expertise and cloud-based computing nous to make it work ­.

Our managed service offering for cloud migration, cloud usage and cloud consumption is our fastest-growing SAM managed service element.

Of course, the journey to the cloud can be high risk and exceedingly complex (and software vendors love the complexity). Our goal is to simplify the process and de-risk the journey.


Our license managed SAM, cloud consumption control, and spend optimization products have a long track record of success. Throughout the years we’ve shown our customers that we’re not just interested in the contract in front of them. We’re interested in the entirety of what they’re doing. We work to provide a safety net for their entire software and cloud spend, but we live to optimize their operation. That’s how we keep customers.

Wrapped around everything I’ve talked about here is transparency. Whether it’s dealing with the dangers of breaching license terms, advice about the commercial terms of a license contract or the configuration of software requirements (to name but three issues) our Service-iQ platform captures each recommendation and enables you to monetize it. Our cloud services are configured to optimize your spend, free up your budgets and leave your team efficient and focused on their core activities.


With Crayon, SAM is not just about compliance and reconciliation, it’s about actionized optimization and documented cost-saving. You work better and save money.


And how much can you save?

Well, there is no true industry average cost-saving, but some cloud consultants say it’s around 20 percent. Though we recently delivered cloud optimization for a 50,000-seat company that did see cost-savings of 30 percent.

The real answer on cost-savings is slightly more prosaic: It depends on the individual project and customer.

Most important to me – and Crayon – is this: For each of our clients the savings are always significant.

Ulrik Roland - Vice President

Head of software and cloud analytics