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Alliance explores all aspects of the biggest transformation of the IT sector

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A secure journey to the cloud, data center transformation, and emerging technologies are the key trends fueling the biggest evolution in the IT sector in at least 50 years. 

All aspects of this technological evolution were explored at Crayon’s annual Alliance conference this week in Oslo.

Crayon Norway CEO Geir Øivind Gulliksen set the upbeat tone of the conference by welcoming Microsoft’s recent decision to build two data center regions in Norway.

These data center regions increase the capacity in which data can be stored and Gulliksen said that with so much data and a range of services to manage it, like those offered by Crayon, it means that the opportunity for any company to scale globally is greater now than ever.

Crayon is in a unique position to help organizations along every step of a secure and optimized cloud journey. It operates the world’s largest independent cloud economics practice and has nearly 20 years experience in this space. In addition, Crayon is one of the rare Microsoft partners with the highly coveted Azure Expert MSP status.

 Thriving in the Cloud: The curious, the critical and the flexible

At the Alliance conference, Microsoft Norway’s Partner Lead, Ole Roterud, had a simple message to the audience, especially anyone harboring skepticism about what digitalization really means: 

“The cloud gives all businesses flexibility and greater competitive advantages,” Roterud said. “You can solve the challenges of today with greater effectiveness… and get ready for the challenges ahead.”

 Keynote speaker and communications advisor Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen noted how “what we have now is a total revolution in how companies can go to market.” 

Opportunity, access, technology and data power have converged to such a point, according to Nygård-Hansen, that the companies thriving are “the curious, the critical and the flexible.”

Or to put it another way, those that are truly embracing digitalization, grappling with the cloud hands-on and understanding what security really means. Nygård-Hansen views the current on-demand, cloud-based everything-as-a-service world is “merely the end of the beginning” of the Cloud revolution and much more is yet to come.

To understand the brave new world, break it down into bite sized chunks

Bjørnar Engebretsen, Datacenter & Cloud Director at Microsoft, set about explaining what the new data-center actually are, how they fit into the global cloud offering and the nuts and bolts surrounding the security they offer.

However to the unsure or the skeptical CXO, Engebretsen had a reassuring message: Microsoft together with partners like Crayon are fixed on “helping customers with their digitalization journey, the strategy, the challenge. We’re working to ensure customers can actually use the technology to solve the challenges they face.”

Another educational aspect of Alliance 2019 came from Crayon Group Vice President Erling Hesselberg. His succinct explanation of the key trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning -- and what they really mean for a business’ security, growth and opportunities -- provided the most useful take-home data packet for the audience.

If you’re thinking of embarking on an artificial intelligence journey or reckon your business could be transformed by a machine-learning solution, all you need is “a good partner with good data scientists.”

Crayon is Microsoft’s global Partner of the Year in AI and ML and as a deep bench of scientists and experience to use emerging technologies to create true business value.

Amazing companies in the Cloud

While Crayon’s cloud architecture experts, Arne Bergersen and Jan Egil Ring along with Microsoft’s Kent Husvik led the conference’s main theme of security in the Cloud, a strong example of what it’s like to embrace the brave new world of digitalization came from LINK Mobility and VMWare. Those two companies have deployed innovative Cloud strategies.

LINK Mobility is the fastest growing mobile messaging and solutions provider in Europe whose interests span online banking, membership cards, reminders, payments and much more. Link Mobility’s strong M&A program has seen it acquire a considerable number of companies over the past few years, all with their own legacy systems.

 “We haven’t replaced 50 different legacy systems with one Cloud-based solution” pointed out LINK Mobility CTO Torbjørn G. Krøvel, but it has embraced the Cloud during all of the above, while maintaining business growth and the trust of its customers that its systems are secure and robust.  “We have a combination hybrid system. We chose smart migration – allowing parallel legacy and new solutions and let commercial decisions be the driver for the transformation.”

Other key conference participants included Workplace by Facebook, Innovasjon Norge, Trend, Quest, Checkpoint, Flexera, Funn AS, and the Rowegians.

However, the last word on Alliance 2019 went to VMWare and its director of Cloud Solutions Strategy Richard Damoser. For him, “today’s cloud reality is multi-cloud, but security must be built into the platform.”

 To learn more about how Crayon can help your organization make the successful and secure journey to the cloud, click here.



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