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Crayon Group CEO details inevitable increase in IT spending

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OSLO, Norway _ The CEO of Crayon Group, a leading IT advisory firm, detailed in the annual report published Thursday the inevitable increase in IT spending and how it affects the company’s unique position in the marketplace.

Companies are increasingly making digital transformations the cornerstone of their business strategies. As more organisations automate services, collect and analyse more data, streamline processes, and create new innovations, they require more complex technologies.

"Several industry trends like increased digitalisation, the Internet of Things and using emerging technologies to create real business value means we are surrounded by great opportunities," says Crayon CEO Torgrim Takle. "More companies will need our unique services to ensure their ROI on their IT investments."

Crayon, based in Oslo, has an unparalleled independent cloud economics practice. It also has a deep knowledge of managing data, which bolsters its expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The 2018 annual report is available here and, among other things, has highlights from the company’s first full year on the Oslo Stock Exchange. 2018 was a record-breaking year for the global company.

IT is one of the world’s fastest-changing and competitive industries, known for its nonstop innovation and commoditisation.

According to a statement from Crayon’s Board of Directors, "the Board continuously strives to find the right balance in terms of protecting the core and maintaining short-term profitability, while investing for the future to drive long-term value creation."


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Crayon Group Holding ASA is a leading IT advisory firm in software and digital transformation services. With unique IP tools and skilled employees, Crayon helps optimise its clients' ROI from complex software technology investments. Crayon has long experience within volume software licensing optimisation, digital engineering and predictive analytics, assisting clients through all phases of the process of a digital transformation. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, the company has approximately 1,200 employees in 45 offices worldwide.