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Crayon strengthens partnership with Oracle to better serve the multicloud market

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(OSLO, Norway) -- Under a strengthened partnership between digital transformation leader Crayon and Oracle, more businesses will be able to securely share their information in a multicloud environment.

The solution is available through the Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure interconnect, which will help both Crayon and Oracle better meet the growing demand for multicloud solutions.

The interconnect allows businesses to securely share data across applications running in Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud. This is especially key because many large enterprise workloads run on Oracle and Microsoft.

With the interconnect, Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure customers can securely split the load between the cloud platforms. The Azure–Oracle Cloud interconnect means we are able to better serve the needs of a major market segment. – Crayon co-founder Rune Syversen.

Crayon’s streamlined support offering makes it easier to operate the two platforms in parallel with higher levels of support from one single instance and with easier access to management.

“Crayon is one of the leading software advisers on all cloud platforms in the Nordic region and using Crayon’s expertise brings added value to both the Oracle and Microsoft customers,” said Hans Olav Hamran, Vice President Technology & Cluster Leader at Oracle Nordic.

Oracle provides great customer flexibility through delivering cloud services in three ways. Inside the Oracle Cloud customers can either run in the public cloud or in a dedicated environment. A third option, called Cloud at Customer, allows the dedicated servers to reside in the customers own data center.

The strategic partnership will further strengthen Crayon’s ability to guide customers on their software investments, ensuring that their IT estate is rightsized, managed and optimized.

“Our customers recognize the high-level, seamless collaboration of Oracle and Microsoft both from a technical and support perspective through the cloud interconnect,” said Syversen. “As large organizations move their workloads to the cloud, this collaboration gives them greater flexibility while ensuring a high level of security and streamlined management.”


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