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Crayon expands into Central and Eastern Europe

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MOSCOW, Russia -- Crayon the fast-growing, digital transformation advisor, has recently expanded into Central and Eastern Europe, with an aim to lead more businesses on the digitalization journey.

The new offices are in Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech, and Romania. Crayon is already in dozens of countries, with 80% of the addressable market. However this latest expansion further solidifies the company’s global impact.

In fact, the most recent financial results showed that 48 percent of gross profits in the latest quarter came from markets outside of the Nordics, which is the highest percentage in company’s 17-year history.

“We have unmatched expertise across our core services that enhance our ability to win global customers,” said Crayon CEO Torgrim Takle. “Because our business model is applicable across many geographies, we continue to strengthen our global footprint.”

Takle recently visited Crayon’s office in Moscow, where he joined the Crayon Russia team to meet with other IT executives and the local media.

Crayon’s arrival in Central and Eastern Europe comes at a key time as the use of cloud-based software in the region is skyrocketing. Now that digitalization is a growing need for the area, Crayon is stepping in to help businesses move to the cloud while keeping their IT costs in check.

“Crayon has the unique expertise to operationalize the tactical and strategic aspects of digital transformations,” Takle said. “Our model offers a truly unique value proposition to customers.” 

Crayon provides a wide range of software and cloud analytics services, including the sale and support of licenses from global software manufacturers, as well as their management and optimization. The company leveraged this deep experience in managing big data to become a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“As more businesses transform to digital service models, a surge of digital companies is forming,” said Vice President for Central and Eastern Europe Alexander Kutowski. “Crayon can support innovators and legacy infrastructures in Central and Eastern Europe with the tools they need to be part of the next group of IT industry leaders.”

Crayon is excited about its growth in the new markets.

“Crayon came to Russia to scale its global experience in the field of cloud, AI, machine learning and IOT,” said Crayon Russia CEO Vadim Yun. “Thanks to our deep knowledge in those areas, Russian companies will be able to get most out of their investments in technology.”