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How Software Asset Management (SAM) can Help You Manage Your IT Infrastructure and Save Money

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If your business relies on IT to run, you are well aware of the need for IT operations to run smoothly and efficiently for increased output.

Although building and sustaining a data infrastructure is at the centre of most organisations today, the need to control costs and maximise software investments is frequently pondered.

As an industry best practice, Software Asset Management SAM can help you accurately summarise costs and get the most out of your IT resources.

Coming to Grips with SAM

As an IT centric organisation, managing your software licenses can be a hassle. It’s noteworthy that some hardware feature some licensable components as well, not just software, as licenses come in all shapes and forms.

More than just an IT audit tool, Software Asset Management SAM is about compliance, deployment and optimisation. The underlying goal of SAM is for you to gain an overview of your software (and hardware) assets before deployment and usage.

Rather than a distinct skill, SAM is an essential business process particularly for modern IT centric corporations.

Aside from controlling the IT infrastructure of a company, negating legal issues regarding incorrect software use and ensuring your software environment is up to date, without SAM you run the risk of overspending, paying for more products than needed.

Use Sam to Evaluate Software Licensing Needs

As the use of SAM becomes sacrosanct in organisations as a business imperative to achieve optimum value from their IT investments, the need to understand and track software licenses and usage becomes apparent.

A conscientiously put together SAM program can help you manage license and legal risks while optimising your software licensing investments.

You may be looking at SAM as a Service suites to audit and control your enterprise software, or perhaps you are contemplating numerous licensing agreements to control costs, reviewing your present software licensing agreements through SAM will help you save on software outlays and find better ways of equipping your staff.

In effect, SAM will enable you to crosscheck your licensing rights and account for how you use your software assets.

Eliminate Unauthorised Software

In addition to tackling license issues with SAM, you should mandate your IT department to maintain a routinely updated record of IT assets.

Certainly this will necessitate the use of software license tracking tools; however, your organisation will make substantial savings re-harvesting licenses from unused software while eliminating unneeded and unauthorised ones.

Most IT centric companies have already defined standard software suites to run everyday operations, but that doesn’t prevent users from downloading and installing other software as well. Unauthorised software could include utilities or unrelated apps such as games or instant messaging; however, these can create IT security exposure and threats to your IT infrastructure and data.

Threats could also manifest from older versions of software in your standard software suite. You can maintain control over these inherent risks by running a tight SAM audit.

Use SAM to Control Monetary Costs

Administered through a SAM as a Service plan, SAM makes it easier to identify what software assets you have, what’s running and if redundancy exists.

A well implemented SAM program will help you cut costs, improve license compliance and security as well as anticipate software needs as your organisation evolves.

Given the complexities of running enterprise software across an organisation, SAM has proven especially helpful in gaining a competitive advantage by helping organisations highlight the pros and cons of potential IT projects.

With SAM you can determine if:

  • You can do more with the software you already have
  • You can control costs and better manage legal issues
  • Your current IT infrastructure is evolution ready

Essentially, SAM helps you optimise your IT assets while having a firm hold on expenditure.

Monitor Software Usage

Not only will SAM help you minimise unauthorised software usage, cybersecurity risks and legal issues, but you will also be empowered to use the right software for your company. Ensuring your employees use the right software for your needs will increase productivity and reduce software licensing costs as you track and account for how your software assets are used.

Software usage data will help you identify which profile groups are using which applications within your staff. You will also discover which apps are less or more used and how it impacts your employees’ productivity.

The resulting discovery will give a full view of your software inventory and insightful data that can help you manage your IT structure and save money.