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Non-profit licenses now available

In Software & Cloud Economics, Indirect Resellers

The Cloud-iQ portal now offers Crayon partners to sell non-profit discounted subscriptions to non-profit organisations. Partners interested in this new offering can reach out to their local Crayon contacts to get access to the non-profit subscription in their Cloud-iQ portal.

There are no special certifications needed in order to be eligible to sell these non-profit subscriptions and the sales process is the same as with the regular subscriptions. However, it is only possible to sell the non-profit subscriptions to qualified non-profit Office 365 tenants. Organisations who are interested in qualifying their Office 365 tenant as non-profit, can visit this site to read over the eligibility criteria.

If the organisation believes they are entitled to the non-profit status they must register their Office 365 tenant through this site. Microsoft will then validate the registration and either accept or deny it; this process takes the pressure off partners of validating if an organisation is qualified or not.

After being accepted, partners can immediately assign the non-profit subscriptions to the customer’s Office 365 tenant, using the Cloud-iQ portal. Non-profit customers thus get access to the non-profit subscriptions and still have the option to buy all the other corporate offers that are available.

There is yet no option for partners to verify if a tenant today is approved as non-profit or not. Partners will need to ask the customers if they have an approved non-profit tenant or not. For customers that are unsure, the customers can try to log into the non-profit portal to verify. If the customer is unable to sign in, this most likely means that they do not have a qualified Office 365 non-profit tenant and need to go through the qualification process as described above.

The offerings made available for non-profits are Office 365, Power BI, EMS, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Windows 10.

Please note that Dynamics 365 will be available April 11th, EMS and Power BI will be available end of April and Microsoft 365 E5 will be available in CY18 during Q3.

This is an opportunity to assist non-profits in taking advantage of the digital transformation.