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Optimise Your Office 365 Subscription with Cloud Computing

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For IT-centric companies, cloud computing is a core building block for productivity, communication and collaboration.

And for most, Office 365 is the preferred environment to process and manage data with over 120 million active users in December 2017.

As you look to capitalise on Microsoft Office’s powerful solutions for email, instant messaging, web conferencing etc., here are ways you can get the best out of your investment via cloud computing.

IT Strategy and Business Continuity
Attaining your business goals is the core focus of an IT strategy. Adopting the right Microsoft CSP for your Office 365 implementation will improve productivity, communication and efficiency right off the bat, ensuring you get the best bang for your Office 365 buck. With a customised IT strategy by your Microsoft CSP, Office 365 will be aligned with your overall business plans from the ground up.

A reliable CSP will balance control and cost with quality service by moving you away from cost hungry, traditional communications and collaborations infrastructure to a high-value enterprise cloud-managed service. A cloud optimised Office 365 will boost your business agility through automated provisioning and orchestration.

Reduced Deployment Time
As everyday business activities demand more collaboration, productivity and agility, leveraging the services of a certified Microsoft CSP will ensure a seamless procurement and adoption of Office 365.

A Microsoft CSP will plan and design a custom migration outline that’s specific to your productivity requirements.

This will ensure the right Office 365 components are deployed which will drive internal collaboration and efficiency, leading to return on investment. Further, employing the appropriate Microsoft CSP will reduce the learning curve of your in-house IT staff for planning, designing and deploying Office 365.

That time can be allocated to more relevant business initiatives. Leveraging the expertise of Crayon’s Microsoft CSP services guarantees a textbook deployment process and an automated agreement product cycle.

24/7 IT Staff Support
Working with a Microsoft CSP that offers 24/7 support will ensure your internal IT department has the necessary support for the deployment and administration of Office 365.

This will build a stronger business relationship with your chosen CSP as they provide you custom cloud computing solutions to maximise your Office 365 investment. Easing the burdens of in-house IT maintenance, your CSP also serves as an IT outsource to proactively manage and resolve any ensuing incidents as regards Office 365.

As a global top 10 Microsoft partner for Cloud platform and productivity, Crayon is well-versed in optimising your Office 365 deployment. Maybe you are just beginning your cloud journey, or you’re looking to enhance your existing Office 365 subscription, Crayon will help you plan and deploy to get the most out of your subscription.

Predictable Costs and Scalability
Outsourcing your cloud managed services to a cloud-centric managed provider such as Crayon can save you hundreds to thousands each month compared to setting up an in-house IT department to run your Office 365 setup. This holds true especially if you are a small-midsized enterprise.

By outsourcing your cloud managed services to a CSP you can:

Control and reduce network maintenance fees
Decide how much you are willing to pay, thus a consistent monthly bill
Have a ‘’concierge’’ like plan that’s customised to your Office 365 needs
CSPs not only offer hosted cloud solutions for Office 365; support alongside scalable access to applications, resources and upgrades is included in one bill eliminating the need for costly hardware and software.

Data Security and Disaster Recovery
Fluid processing and security of data is the lifeline of a cloud computing service. Having assessed and designed countless cloud infrastructure and networks, Crayon can customise a Microsoft cloud service with demonstrated redundancy and resiliency for a fluid Office 365 deployment.

With ever-increasing concerns for cybersecurity, your Office 365 adoption plan must include operational risk assessments, data protection, disaster recovery and even IT staff awareness training.

Crayon’s FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment, as well as comprehensive Cloud-iQ service, is a double-barreled approach that can help you derive the most out of your Office 365 subscription, provided you detail your company’s unique aims and IT requirements.

Built from the ground up for the Microsoft Office 365 engine, Cloud-iQ offers unparalleled cloud services augmented according to your organisation’s unique needs. Depending on your data security needs, we will analyse your current state of preparedness, and offer expert guidance on courses of action to mitigate potential cyber threats to your confidential data.

In the event of a compromise, the continuity of your business operations is guaranteed with minimal downtime (if any.)