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Top 3 tips to support your changing IT needs

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As companies review their existing and evolving IT requirements, a variety of measures should be considered to enable a remote workforce, embrace cloud solutions while focusing on security and cost management. 

Here are our top three tips:

1. Implement a modern workplace strategy

Creating an environment where employees work collaboratively and efficiently doesn’t have to be complex. Yes, it does involve technology, changing human behavior and the establishment of a best-practices framework. But there many technologies that can speed up those processes to quickly create a modern, collaborative workplace.

Ensure you select solutions that are easy to use, cost effective and work well with the top e-learning tools. Crayon can help you make the right choice and optimize licensing costs. We offer an e-learning portal, called Empower-iQ, with quick-help tutorial videos for Microsoft collaboration tools. 

2. Drive rapid change in the cloud

Regardless of your cloud environment, whether it is public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud, it’s essential to be able to quickly adapt while not compromising security and cost control. That is easier said than done!

Because we recognize that an all-at-once move to the cloud is usually not the best option, our assessment services are specially designed to identify and prioritize which workloads to migrate, and how to do that according to best practices. We know how to start small and plan big.

This means our cloud architects are experts at providing fast, cost-effective and reliable solutions to enable success in this swiftly changing market.

3. Stay optimized by design

In reviewing your IT infrastructure, you will need a critical eye on implementing quality control and securing cost optimization. The best way to do so is to monitor your overall IT estate, gleaning clear insights on such investments and following the proper governance to best leverage them.

As companies are becoming globally distributed organizations, such optimizations are key to success in today’s changing market. It’s also important that these optimizations are implemented alongside technical support with guaranteed SLAs to minimize any risks.

Our experts can ensure you have processes and structures in place to maintain maximum efficiency and utilization. It’s optimization by design coupled with our unique market position and core values that ensure you use only the IT services you truly need. We have a free ebook that details these solutions and you can download it by visiting us here

As companies look to adapt to new challenges, remember that a modern workplace doesn’t have to be complex, that digital transformation and rapid change go hand-in-hand, and it’s essential to lean on experts with your best interest in mind. 

Reach out to us because we have a pool of consultants around the world ready to help your organization stay ahead.

Rune Syversen

Rune Syversen is the co-founder of Crayon.