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AWS Well-Architected Review for Citrus Solutions

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- Crayon created a cost-effective and secure system for our infrastructure.

Finnish digital services provider Citrus Solutions was looking to audit its current AWS environment and improve the existing processes, solutions, and practices. The company inherited some of the AWS environment when it acquired another business a while back but was uncertain how to optimize the AWS framework further. Crayon was contracted to conduct an AWS Well-Architected Review on Citrus Solutions’ workloads.

We thought the AWS Well-Architected Framework seemed like a useful tool but didn’t know how to implement it effectively. We asked Crayon for help, and through a workshop and five-week follow-up process, Crayon conducted the review and suggested best practices.

- Tommi Tiira, Chief Digital Officer of Citrus Solutions.


Better tools to serve customers

Citrus Solutions is based in Finland and specializes in legal and health tech services.

The company builds smart digital services that are part of the everyday lives of many Finns. It is an expert in developing easy solutions to complex problems. One example of such solutions is the award-winning myGDPR service — an enterprise solution for managing data privacy issues.


However, being the relevant and right digital service builder for its customers require Citrus Solutions to always stay up to date with its systems and structures. 


We realized we needed better tools to serve our customers and wanted to cut costs, automate processes and overall optimize the use of DevOps tools in our AWS environment.

- Tommi Tiira, Chief Digital Officer of Citrus Solutions.


Identified areas of improvement in the AWS environment

Crayon performed the Well-Architected Review to identify areas of improvement within the customer’s AWS environment. The review encompasses operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization.


Based on these five pillars, it identifies best practices and describes the recommended steps to maximize business value and minimize risk. 


After the review, a mitigation strategy to improve the customer’s workloads based on the Well-Architected Review findings was proposed. Crayon helped the customer improve its workloads and found new ways to use their DevOps methods inside AWS.


Crayon suggested several improvements to Citrus Solutions, such as: 

  • Increasing reliability and cloud spend in the AWS cloud environment

  • Implementing new methods to mitigate identified areas of risk

  • Building a consistent approach to support the rapid deployment of applications on the AWS cloud


Improved issues and increased value

The Chief Digital Officer of Citrus Solutions, Tommi Tiira, says the changes Crayon implemented overall improved the problems and expanded the business value.


Crayon addressed challenges in our digital infrastructure and developed the necessary tools to solve them. They discovered issues we were not aware of, proposed a mitigation strategy, and automated our manual back-up system.

- Tommi Tiira, Chief Digital Officer of Citrus Solutions.


Having experienced Crayon consultancy services’ tangible benefits, he is keen to recommend the firm to all companies who  want a reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud architecture. 



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