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Why Iceland’s largest gym saw the need to completely change how they communicate internally

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If you live in Iceland you have definitely heard of World Class, and you have probably visited one of their gyms. Boasting 17 gyms across Iceland with over 500 employees, World Class offers a wide range of fitness classes, spa, beauty care, food and of course large weight training areas.


With employees in different areas of the business scattered all over the island, many of them working part-time, the World Class headquarters team found it increasingly difficult to reach their employees with the right message at the right time. 

“We sent a poll to our employees, and the last question we asked was: If there was anything you would change at World Class, what would it be?” says employee manager Magnea Björg Jónsdóttir. The responses they got were easy to summarize: We want more and better communication from the company. They also wanted more social happenings, better ways of celebrating success and easier access to important information.

Then came the Corona Virus, and all activities stopped. So did the social interactions between employees. To turn things around quickly, the World Class team decided to adopt Workplace from Facebook – the tool that connects people with familiar features such as groups, chat, video calls and newsfeeds.  

I used to live in L.A., says Magnea, and I knew of several companies that were using Workplace over there. I hadn’t really considered that we could be using it at World Class as well, until the employees themselves asked for better communication. 


Over 40 different groups

In Workplace there are several areas that are specifically useful to World Class. One is the structure of different groups. “We have about 40 groups set up, for example for Front desk, Office employees, Trainers, Cleaners, the Spa employees. There are also social groups. A popular one is called The Happy Bank- this is where we post information about all the fun things happening in the company, parties, work group trainings and other happenings. We also have one called The Compliment Wall- this is where gym managers and employees that see others doing a good job post positive feedback that specific individuals have received”. 

What do you do if there is an accident in one of the gyms?

The Workplace Knowledge Library is a single place to create, store and share static content. It centralizes key company information and give employees personalized access to the resources they need.

At World Class, they are using it to give employees access to information around their benefits, discounts for customers, training videos, time schedules, cleaning schedules etc. There is also a library called Everything you need to know – where front desk workers can find updated information around pricing, services and routines.


There are so many categories of information that we need to provide answers to, says Magnea. What should we do if there is a fire? What happens if an employee feels that they’re being bullied? What do you do if there is an accident in one of the gyms? When all employees have the Workplace app downloaded on their phone, they have instant access to all of the answers. To be sure, we have also created a group called Q&A where they can ask questions. 


Why Workplace and not Facebook?

Facebook is a great tool, and one that most people are already using. However, when it comes to company information, the company does not own the data on Facebook. On Facebook there are also other distractions, and information and chats are not as easily organized as they are in Workplace. World Class also found that some people are more reluctant to send private chat messages to coworkers on Facebook and may end up not reaching out at all.

When the company manages their own platform, they can easily keep all files updated and they can make sure to add and remove employees as they enter and leave the company. “We think that the company will be more organized this way” Magnea says. “We also look forward to all of the instant feedback that we’ll be able to get. Bringing our employees together this way will have a huge impact on how we grow and evolve as a company”.  


To learn more about what Workplace from Facebook can do for your company click here, or fill out this contact form and we will get in touch with you to chat about Workplace. 


Christina Wahlberg - Alliance marketing Director