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CRAYON Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019 for AI and ML, Global CA LSP Winner, Global SAM Partner and Official Office 365 and Azure Reseller

Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses, supports, and sells software, consumer electronics, and personal computers and services.

As a Microsoft-designated Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP), Crayon is proud to support customers as well as other partners with the world's leading software publisher and device provider with an extensive technology portfolio of products and services including:

  • Windows Operating System
  • Windows Server 
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft 698
  • SQL
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Azure Cloud 

Top 10 Microsoft LSP

Crayon is a top 10 global Microsoft LSP/LAR, a top 3 Global SPLA and official Microsoft Office 365 and Azure reseller. We have Microsoft Gold Partner status and we have been named Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2019 for Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, as well as Partner of the Year for Microsoft Global CA LSP and Global SAM Partner.

With over 350 Microsoft Certified Professionals across our organization following our unique SAM-centric philosophy, Crayon is ideally positioned to assist organizations of any size or location with optimizing their Microsoft technology investments.

Contact us to discuss the Microsoft technology and licensing requirements of your organization.

Or read further to learn about our partner programs for reselling Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. 

Official Office 365 Reseller

Office 365 has more than 120 million business users and is one of the leading cloud providers in the industry. It is a great product to sell since many businesses are already familiar with the product and the brand. You don’t have to spend much on valuable resources on educating prospective buyers before closing sales.


However, there are some challenges to reselling Office 365. If you don’t have support from a reputable reseller program, you may have difficulty with fierce competition, low margins, and lack of differentiation.


If you are a value-added reseller or managed service provider, Crayon can make Microsoft Office 365 reselling a breeze. We provide resellers with a wide range of solutions to help them overcome the challenges of Office 365 reselling.


Crayon’s support is always available and includes:


-    An easy and quick application process so that you can start selling and earning a profit as soon as possible

-    Flexible support and offers that suit your company

-    Comprehensive sales and marketing assistance to boost your lead generation, sales, and profit


Why Choose Crayon?


There are several Office 365 reseller programs to choose from. With Crayon’s plan, you have a higher chance of success.


Differentiated Offer


There are hundreds of Office 365 suppliers. Crayon helps you to stand out from your competitors by allowing you to customize your offer.


Crayon provides you with integrated private labeling solutions so you can differentiate your offer by adding backup, support, branding, or compliance to add value and attract buyers.


Your Brand


With Crayon’s reselling program, you conduct your transactions and manage client relationships under your brand.


Resources to Boost Sales and Profits


Your goal is to get in contact with potential buyers and close as many deals as possible. To help you achieve this goal, Crayon will provide you with all the marketing, campaign resources, and sales support you need.


Optimized Profits with Managed Services


Crayon provides you with the opportunity to bundle your product with more than six essential integrated managed services to add value, charge more, and earn a higher profit. You can also use these managed services for upselling and cross-selling.


Effortless Onboarding and Customer Support


To become a reputable Office 365 partner, you have to be able to respond promptly to your clients’ need. Crayon provides full-service onboarding and around-the-clock technical support to ensure that your clients receive the best possible customer service.


Create Unique Bundles


While Office 365 is a standard product that is available from many suppliers, you can step away from the noise by creating unique bundles with managed services and other Crayon products.


After creating different bundles, you can set the pricing and control billing under your own brand.


Be Successful with Office 365 Reselling


Since Office 365 reselling can be challenging at times, it may be worth considering some tactics to ensure profitability.


Customer Training


Many potential buyers are apprehensive about purchasing products like Office 365 because they are not acquainted and comfortable using the product. You can fill this skill gap by providing your clients with live support or by building a training product to help them use Office 365. Since many suppliers don’t train their customers, it is a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.


Categorize Your Customers


Customers from all walks of life use Office 365, from students to corporate employees. By categorizing your customers, you can be a dedicated Office 365 partner through bundling your products with different services and Crayon products to meet the unique needs of all the buyers in your market segment.




To ensure that you are meeting the needs of your customers, you have to communicate with them to determine if your products and services are providing them value. The most effective way is to send them a survey with a list of questions they can answer.


For example, you can ask them if your bundle met their expectations and if they found value from your package. A survey is also a great way for customers to rate the quality of your service.


Join a Reputable Office 365 Partner


The Office 365 reseller program you use will have a direct impact on your success and profits. Crayon provides a wide range of extensive solutions to help you deliver the best in terms of quality and customer service.


We also go to great lengths to help you market your bundles to prospective buyers. Become an Office 365 reseller with Crayon today.